“I’m Not Your Mom” and Other Tips for Raising Self-Sufficient Humans

After finishing a two-week, multi-age summer class with Teacher Tom, who’s an internationally respected teacher and writer, I asked my child what she thought he was really good at. She pondered my question for a moment and thoughtfully replied, “He’s really good at sitting.” Well, shoot. At the risk of bragging, I’m a fine sitter, myself. Now that I know […]

Finding the Patience for Positive Parenting, Part One: The Big Picture

We’ve all had that class—the one we were required to take to fill some requirement, but had absolutely no interest in taking. For me, it was a summer class during grad school. It was called “Miscommunication,” and I agreed–it must’ve been some incredible misunderstanding that I wasn’t at the beach. However, as much as it […]

5 Ways to Make “No” a Positive Experience

Ice cream for breakfast; impromptu gifts; cookies for lunch; no responsibilities ever; cake for dinner…oops…hold on…that’s my wish list, and I’m supposed to be writing about kids. A lot of people think positive parenting means giving children everything they ask for (i.e., permissive parenting). If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that, I’d be […]

Introverted Children: Three Ways to Connect

When my daughter was two, I had to schedule at least two hours when we’d go to the grocery store because, being the new talker that she was then, she insisted that we stop and talk to every single person we passed in every single aisle. I’d go in for one tomato and leave with 25 new […]

Supporting the Introverted Child

Introverted Child

I was always a highly introverted child; an observer. It showed. For instance, when I was in high school, I learned that for my dance group’s upcoming graduation dinner, the other dancers selected me to receive the spoof award for being the “Most Reserved.” Knowing how much I despised being called by my “label” when […]