Finding the Patience for Positive Parenting, Part One: The Big Picture

We’ve all had that class—the one we were required to take to fill some requirement, but had absolutely no interest in taking. For me, it was a summer class during grad school. It was called “Miscommunication,” and I agreed–it must’ve been some incredible misunderstanding that I wasn’t at the beach. However, as much as it […]

“I’m Not Your Mom” and Other Tips for Raising Self-Sufficient Humans

After finishing a two-week, multi-age summer class with Teacher Tom, who’s an internationally respected teacher and writer, I asked my child what she thought he was really good at. She pondered my question for a moment and thoughtfully replied, “He’s really good at sitting.”  Well, shoot. At the risk of bragging, I’m a fine sitter, myself. Now that I know […]