The Best Healthy Pancakes

My husband is traveling in Europe this week for work, so it’s ladies’ week here at the house. We’ve been trying to do at least one “special thing” every day during his absence. With tonight as his last night away, I wanted to top off our week with the Most Coveted Meal in the History […]

The Boy in the Road

I was driving home from the doctor with my five-year-old child. She was on day six of a 102-degree fever and all its accompanying crud. All she wanted was to get back home, as did I. As we were driving along a busy two-lane road at about 35 miles per hour, I saw him. A […]

Carrot Cake for Everyone (Even for People Who Think They Don’t Like It)

I’ve never been a fan of carrot cake. It may be because it goes against one of my core values, which is not to mix vegetables with dessert. I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure there’s a separate compartment in our bellies for All Things Sweet, and anything healthy in there simply contaminates it. But […]