Travel Advice from the (Mom) Experts

Trip Advisors

Fun news, friends! For the next eight weeks, I’m partnering with expert travelers, all of whom are moms, to share our best travel advice for adventures (big and small) with kiddos. Everyone loves vacations, right? In our house, vacations are definitely part of positive parenting. They help “fill my cup” and remind me there’s life […]

Accommodations: Tips from our Travel Gurus

Travel Guru

How do you decide where to stay on vacation after you’ve chosen your destination? In week three of our travel series, travel gurus from all over the world will share tips for choosing the best accommodations for your family. Where to stay on vacation: tip from travel guru Dandelion Seeds Choosing accommodations is different for […]

Money Saving Tips for Transportation: Vacation Edition

Travel Experts

We know that vacations can get expensive, so this week, our worldwide travel experts cover money saving tips for transportation when you’re on vacation. Of course, when you save money on transportation, you save money on vacation overall—which potentially leaves more money for future vacations. I like how that math works! That is a great […]

Distress in Kids: Guest Post

distress in kids

Our children don’t usually tell us when they are experiencing emotional pain or distress. It often comes through in their behaviors. Your toddler may act whiny and excessively clingy. Your teenager may engage in unpleasant and offensive dialogue with you. We, as parents, need to read between the lines and look for the feelings beneath […]

Homelessness: Talking to Kids When It’s Uncomfortable

Talking to Kids about Homelessness

The topic of homelessness doesn’t typically come up in my life. I sleep in the same house every night with my family, except for when we’re on vacation. Although our life isn’t perfect, it’s safely predictable. For some reason, though, homelessness has been on our radar far more than usual lately. So, we’re paying attention, […]