Family Road Trip Ideas and Survival Guide

When taking a family road trip, you need to know basically two things: 1) where to go and 2) how to get there happily. First, I’ll address the “where” for your family road trip. Based on my experience, these are some of the loveliest destinations for United States destinations. There really is beauty in the […]

Packing List and Tips from the Travel Experts

travel list

No matter how many times you’ve done it, when you’re traveling with family, it helps to make a very detailed packing list. Especially with kiddos who travel better with “something familiar,” it’s worth the effort. Who wants a meltdown halfway through the airport when you realize you’ve forgotten something, anyway? (I’m talking about adult meltdowns—most […]

Bedtime Stories & How I Accidentally Made our Bedtime Routine Easier

Bedtime routine

Bedtime stories: and how I accidentally made our bedtime routine easier. Some of the best things were invented accidentally: chocolate chip cookies, the Slinky, and even pacemakers, for example. (Wow!) One special night during our standard bedtime routine, I accidentally invented a magical pillowcase. My then- four-year-old child was nestling down after her bedtime story, […]

Sightseeing and Vacation Activities with Kids

Vacation activities and sightseeing with kids! Last week in our travel series, our travel experts wrote about choosing accommodations. There’s nothing like knowing where your home base is to provide some comfort before you explore the area! When you’re on a family vacation, though–be it spring break, summer vacation, or anytime at all–it’s important to […]

Perseverance and Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future

Perseverance and hope for the future: Every once in awhile, adults receive the gift of a new perspective. Late last night, a teacher friend of mine texted me and said she had the flu. She asked if I could substitute teach her play-based science class of four- and five-year-old kids the very next day. Already […]

Book Review: Made by Raffi by Craig Pomranz

I rarely do a book review of a single book. Usually, I group children’s books into categories, like “Best Books to Build Self-Esteem and Confidence.” However, Craig Pomranz‘s brilliant book, Made by Raffi (afflink), gets its very own review—and for good reason. Several good reasons, actually. To be clear, I plan to add it to […]

The (Mom) Trip Advisors for Family Vacations: Choosing a Destination

trip advisor

I’m changing my official job title to family vacation “trip advisor.” The town where I spend most of my time has had record cold temperatures lately, so while I’m thawing, I can’t help but think of warm travel destinations. Warm or not, choosing a destination is likely the most fun part of it all. (Well, […]