Teacher Tom, and The Show Must Go On

I hope he doesn’t remember this, but the first time I met Teacher Tom, I was a bumbling idiot. Now, here’s why it’s particularly embarrassing. You see, because my mom was in the entertainment industry while I was growing up, I had exposure to more than my fair share of celebrities. Then, as an adult, […]

Reframing the Terrible Twos

The “terrible twos” have a reputation, even among non-parents. The moniker has become so commonplace that at just the very mention of a second birthday, well-meaning friends reference the possibility of impending doom, as if the milestone is going to summon something akin to a year-long root canal. Is it warranted, though? As a positive […]

Racism: A Child-Appropriate Discussion

Racism: A Child-Appropriate Discussion A few weeks ago, my almost six-year-old daughter and I found ourselves unexpectedly driving from North Carolina to Alabama, with a few good stops along the way. Rather, I drove and she “navigated” by telling me to turn left every 90 seconds or so. We’d still be driving in a big […]

The Easter Bunny — Should We Tell Kids the Truth?

Can I confess that we celebrated Easter this year on Cinco de Mayo? We were traveling unexpectedly during the “real” holiday in April and didn’t have the forethought to toss any recycled plastic eggs in our hastily packed suitcases. Besides, the date people celebrate Easter changes every year, anyway, right? (This is one major advantage […]

How Would it Feel to KNOW You’re Parenting Right?

I was sitting poolside in Florida, all by myself. I italicize that because it was a fairly momentous event. I am hardly ever alone. As in, pretty much never, not even for a minute. So, it felt like a fairly big deal to have my husband entertaining my daughter in the nearby pool (but out […]