Moving with Kids: 8 Great Ways to Help them Adjust

moving with kids

Moving with kids isn’t easy. Heck, moving without kids is hard, too. I understand so well; my six-year-old child has known four homes in her life so far, and she’s about to know more. Although it’s not any easier to pack the boxes this time around, I’ve learned some important lessons that truly do make […]

Raffi’s Child Honouring Course: Parenting for a Better World

child honouring

Raffi’s Child Honouring course: Parenting for a Better World One morning not long ago, I was about to attempt to fix a clogged drain in my shower. With minimal enthusiasm for that task, however, I opted to check my Instagram messages before starting. Much to my surprise, I had received a note from Raffi Cavoukian, […]

What Is Gentle Parenting? 3 Great Ways to Know You’re Using the Real Deal

gentle parenting

I’ve had it with gentle parenting. To clarify, I’m still giving children love, respect, and a whole lot of grace as they learn to navigate this thing called life. More than ever, I see the value of positive parenting not only in my own child, but also in those with whom I interact regularly. I’m […]