Playful Parenting: 7 Common Problems it Can Solve EASILY

playful parenting

We’ve all been there. We’re sitting nose-to-nose with a human much smaller than we are, and we’re simply not connecting. We want x. They want y. And neither of us is budging. We want to be peaceful parents, but it doesn’t always come easily. In moments like these, might playful parenting be the key? If […]

Playful Parenting Solves Many Common Problems

playful parenting

If “play is the work of childhood” (a quote by child psychologist Jean Piaget), then playful parenting is the best way we can work with our children. It’s the absolute key to cooperation. Children play “rain or shine”—it helps them decrease stress, learn new things, and figure out the world (source). Parents do well to […]

Moving with Kids and Helping them Adjust

moving with kids

Moving with kids isn’t easy. Heck, moving without kids is hard, too. I understand so well; my six-year-old child has known four homes in her life so far, and she’s about to know more. Although it’s not any easier to pack the boxes this time around, I’ve learned some important lessons that truly do make […]

Author Interview: Asia Citro of Zoey & Sassafras

Once again, I love how life works sometimes. One of our favorite children’s book authors, Asia Citro, just happens to live close to me and posted about her upcoming book festival in one of my Seattle-area Facebook groups. Surprised that she was local, I messaged her and asked for an interview. Although her schedule precluded […]

Homelessness: Talking to Kids When It’s Uncomfortable

Talking to Kids about Homelessness

The topic of homelessness doesn’t typically come up in my life. I sleep in the same house every night with my family, except for when we’re on vacation. Although our life isn’t perfect, it’s safely predictable. For some reason, though, homelessness has been on our radar far more than usual lately. So, we’re paying attention, […]

Best Books for Kids 2020: Self-Esteem and Confidence

best books for kids 2020

I’ve thought long and hard about the best books for kids 2020. It’s been an odd year; so odd, in fact, that my child said I might as well go ahead and give her all her Christmas gifts early. (Nice try.) Not that things were necessarily easy when we were little–the playground could be a […]