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“Sarah’s courses are spot on. They’re insightful, specific, and practical. Her knowledge of positive parenting and brain science come through clearly, and her down-to-earth approach is refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker and easy to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and her website.”

~ Elizabeth Pantley, Bestselling author of the No-Cry Solution parenting book series

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This course offers tips for adults who are homeschooling children and want the process to feel easier for everyone involved.

Note that this course is not necessarily for parents who are relegated to following a structured and pre-determined online curriculum set by a school, although some of the tips may still prove helpful.

Subtitles coming soon!

Perhaps we’ve heard of positive, respectful, gentle, collaborative, conscious, or peaceful parenting, but what do all these things mean, anyway? What do they look like in action? In this video, I explain what positive parenting is and isn’t, and how we can get started on our journey to a more peaceful home.

Whether your child is struggling with transitions, worrying about making friends, dealing with separation anxiety, or melting down after school, this session gives you tools to help navigate these and other common scenarios. This course approaches them from the standpoint of the highly sensitive child (HSC), but the tips are applicable even if you’re child isn’t normally sensitive.

What do healthy boundaries look like for kids, and how can we be help them be more likely to buy into them? Here are some tips to help you reduce the amount of “retroactive” parenting you need to do, and to empower the whole family to live together more peacefully.

Note that this session does not have subtitles. Coming soon.

This one isn’t about the kids — it’s about OUR screen time, as parents and caregivers. I get it. I’ve been there and understand excessive screen use firsthand. Here are 5 of the most helpful ways I decreased my time online and increased the amount of balance in my life.

Note: one point I didn’t mention here is that I also invested in a very basic watch that notified me if I was getting a message or a phone call. That reduced my worry that I might be missing an urgent message from someone who was trying to reach me.

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We have more courses on the way, and we want to know what would help you most. Tell us here!

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