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Holding Space for Kids' Big Feelings

July 22, 2020

Many of us have heard that we should "hold space" for our kids' big feelings. Of course, helping them label their feelings and using co-regulation (rather than expecting them to self-soothe) support their emotional intelligence. What should we do in the moment, though, when we're tempted to jump in and solve their problem, distract them from it, or move them through it before they might be ready? Further, what can we do in the rare moments where we need to temporarily delay the expression of big feelings? These tips can help.

Thought to ponder: ALL feelings are valid. Some may "feel" positive or negative, but all emotions serve a healthy purpose.

Note that all advice and guidance offered on this site is not medical guidance and should not be interpreted as such, and the owner of this site is not responsible for individual outcomes.
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Sarah R. Moore

Sarah R. Moore is an internationally published writer and the founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting. You can follow her on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. She’s currently worldschooling her family. Her glass is half full.
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