Most parents would be shocked to discover that their child doesn’t feel loved. In any case, we go to their school events, drive them where they want to go. How could they not feel loved? And yet, the top issue among children and the source of most childhood challenges is just that, not feeling completely and unconditionally loved by their parents.

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You thought there could never be a love like the love you have for your child. But then you held your first grandchild. The emotions that flooded you focused to an intense desire to offer protection to and make his or her world secure. Yet it’s no breaking news that children face a vastly different world from the one you grew up in–or even the world your children knew. The forces of popular culture are no longer child-friendly. Too incessantly, attitudes and ideas all around us obstruct character formation in children, somewhat than build it up. Even though you long to know that your grandchild will be secure and secure in such a world, maybe you live a great distance away. Or perhaps there’s some friction between you and your grandchild’s parents, or maybe you just don’t keep up with your grandchild’s interests the way you would like. Whatever your circumstances, being a grandparent is a unique and wonderful opportunity to stand in the gap against the incessantly dark and discouraging elements of our culture in order to positively influence your grandchild’s future. “How to In point of fact Love Your Grandchild” is a book of hope and encouragement for you to provide the extra love and emotional improve that only a grandparent can give. Through stories that read like your own life, Dr. Ross Campbell’s I’m-in-this-with-you advice will provide failsafe ways to stay close to your grandchildren–no matter what.

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Even parents who deeply love their teen don’t all the time know how to express that love in a way that makes their teen feel loved and accepted. In How to In point of fact Love Your Teen, Dr. Campbell  helps you create a balanced approach to parenting in the teen years. The skills you learn in this book will help you: •    Communicate unconditional love •    Handle teenage anger … and your own •    Deal with adolescent depression •    Establish loving communication even when your teen shuts down •    Help your teenager grow spiritually As you learn to love your teen in ways he or she can receive, you’ll be amazed at the joy the teenage years can bring.
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