Troubleshooting your DXR-8

Battery now not holding a charge

  1. Remove battery and rest 20 minutes which resets the battery, then reinstall battery.
  2. Call 1 (800) 291-0195 for a battery replacement request.


Charging port issue

  1. Use the alternate USB charging cable (two cables within the box).
  2. Call 1 (800) 291-0195 for a charging port replacement request.


Signal vary issue

  1. Position monitor and camera unit 3’ away from wifi devices (smartphones, routers, computers, tablets, and the like.).
  2. Move monitor and camera unit closer in combination, and/or a brand new location with out thick concrete walls between them.
  3. Call 1 (800) 291-0195 for further troubleshooting steps.

IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION: test Product Warranty pdf file for list of manufacturer approved outlets
Interchangeable optical lens capability – allowing you to customise viewing angle and zoom
Remote pan, tilt and digital zoom
3.5 inches color LCD display in sleek, compact unit with sound-activated led display
One optical zoom lens included.Data Rate : 3 Mbps. Built lens-f 2.5mm, F 2.8
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