“A wonderful very well written and illustrated kids book about environmental challenges.” – Beach Cleaner 

“A timely, universal and critical message conveyed through the voice of a young child. This beautifully written and illustrated story provides the perfect blend of courage and responsibility to convey the growing dangers of carelessness and waste, and how individual actions can make a difference. Maria Godsey hits the bullseye with her first children’s book.”
-Darryl E. Green, Author

From the Back Cover

“But my thoughts around this changed in a flash
when I noticed the damage caused by our trash.
The sight of it caused a reaction in me,
and all I could say was ‘Not for me, please!'”

Luke is a wise, confident, and caring young boy. After seeing first-hand the damage caused to the environment and animals as a result of trash and waste, he’s changed his ways and now thinks and acts green. He believes he can have a big have an effect on on the world around him and protecting the planet has become his new passion.

Using his helpful phrase, “Not for me, please!”, he shares examples of how he chooses responsibly to act green. Luke hopes he can teach you why plastic, not recycling, and overconsumption are harmful to our planet and what you’ll be able to do to have an effect on this with the choices you make.

Lastly, for our big readers, he’s included some interesting facts, definitions, and statistics to improve the examples discussed. With this information, he hopes to better equip you to give an explanation for to your young reader what Luke is sharing or answer one of the questions that may pop up!

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Join Luke on his journey to offer protection to what he loves with this engaging children’s picture book about sustainability and acting green. After noticing the damage caused to the environment and animals as a result of trash and waste, Luke decides to take action. He believes he can have a big have an effect on on the world around him and invites his readers to enroll in him! Using his phrase, ‘Not for me, please!’ Luke role models how children can harness their inner super-hero and help protect the environment. He introduces the concept of Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse through relatable examples children can understand. The rhyming story is catchy and the illustrations are captivating. Let’s choose to recycle, reduce, and reuse;and with my strong phrase, there is no way we lose!Here are some examples to show what I mean,and how you’ll be able to join me and begin to act green. FACTOIDS Interesting facts, definitions, and statistics can be found in ‘info’ boxes all the way through the book. The info boxes give a wonderful chance for rich discussions on sustainability, choices, and change at home, in kindergarten, elementary schools, or in reading groups. REFLECTIONAt the end of the book, there is a reflection section to prompt dialogue about the topics covered in the book: environment, sustainability, zero waste, have an effect on of plastic, climate change, what it means to recycle, reduce, and reuse, single use plastic, water and energy conservation, and acting green. Children can put in their own words what they have learned and how it applies to them. Not for me, please! I choose to act green is ideal for children age 5, age 6, age 7, age 8, and age 9. Grab your copy in time for Earth Day today!
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