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Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is the writer of the bestselling Discipline Without Damage. A registered psychologist, she is also the founder of The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic. She has supported families and children for more than fifteen years and is a sought-after lecturer. She lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her two sons.

In this book, her follow-up to the bestseller Discipline Without Damage, Dr. Lapointe advises new parents how to put their child on a path to optimal development all over the the most important early years. The baby and toddler years are a very powerful period for any child's emotional and psychological development. Parents naturally need to do what's best for their kids, but they frequently struggle to know what that is, especially when dealing with the big "battlegrounds" of sleep, feeding, and managing aggression. The latest scientific research indicates that it is through a strong and stable sense of connection to their parents that children discover ways to keep an eye on their emotions, master social skills, and develop a sense of identity. Unfortunately, among the currently accepted parenting practices and traditional attitudes disrupt healthy connection relatively than foster it, leading to behavioral issues and emotional problems that can last into adulthood. Dr. Lapointe helps parents to have in mind how mindful and conscious parenting can help them to avoid passing unhealthy patterns down from one generation to the next. Rooted in compassion and understanding, Parenting Right From the Start shows parents how to build a firm, caring presence in the early years that a child can lean into for a lifetime.
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