Perfect as a glass canteen for camping and hiking. Now you’ll experience the true outdoors and wilderness, and let your taste buds experience it too, free from chemicals or the taste of metal! With purifyou’s new premium glass water bottle, made from the finest products in the world, you drink from your water bottle with no metal taste or plastic chemicals leaching into your water. Our glass canteen is perfected for the environment AND the end user. The water bottle is 100% leak-proof, and 100% kid proof too. Its easy twist-off cap ensures quick access to your own personal oasis. Plus, the glass water bottle features a wide mouth opening that fits ice and fruit, but is also narrow enough to drink without drenching your new shirt. Our glass canteens are BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free, lead free, cadmium free and worry free — backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

High affect-resistant silicone sleeve also protects your glass water bottle better than any other. The silicone sleeve’s non-slip grip and the cap’s large O-ring also enable the multi-tasker in you to carry more than you thought imaginable with just ten fingers. Made from high borosilicate glass and are dishwasher-secure and microwave-secure even with the sleeve on. (cap will have to not be placed in microwave)

Beauty and health have in any case come together, and our 12 or 22 oz bottles even fit in your purse. They’re also small enough for those tiny lunch boxes your kids love too. With our perfectly sized glass canteen, those plastic bottles in your bag or leaky containers your kids use are a thing of the past. Did we mention our glass water bottle in reality fits in those pesky car cup holders too? (all vehicles not guaranteed though)

Time to make life pure again, and to purifyou. Plus, with our satisfaction guarantee you have nothing to lose, and only a soon-to-be-favorite bottle to gain.

IT’S TIME to purify your lifestyle, and change the way you drink water. Glass is 100% recyclable, and doesn’t leach harmful chemicals or unwanted flavors into your water like plastic or metal. Our glass canteen is reusable and is entirely BPA free, Phthalate free, PVC free, lead free, cadmium free and worry free.
UNIQUE: Our glass is made from high borosilicate which is more heat resistant than any other commonly used glass. Our water bottle is the most durable in consumer retail, and with the added food-grade high-affect-resistant silicone sleeve for drop protection.
MADE WITH CARE: Our lid features a stainless steel interior cap body so no water touches the plastic. It is also just the right size between a narrow mouth and wide mouth, and 100% leak-proof. Our silicone sleeve also acts as an insulator, keeping your beverage hot or cold for extended use (sleeve not removable). Our glass bottles are conveniently both microwave and dishwasher secure (cap will have to not be placed in microwave)
STYLISH AND PORTABLE: Being thinner and lighter than average, you just might find yourself taking your bottle to all sorts of new places. From the yoga mat to those high profile business meetings, our bottle also looks great on camping trips and at the gym. Also a perfect match for essential oils.
HELP SAVE THE WORLD TOO, because with every glass canteen purchased, a portion of our profits is sent directly to building water wells for impoverished communities in Africa. Each bottle sold one by one. Sale price available for a limited time.
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