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Aimee Kotrba, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist that specialize in the expert assessment and remedy of Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety. She is the director of Thriving Minds Behavioral Clinic in Brighton, Michigan, a specialty clinic dedicated to effective remedy for children with Selective Mutism. Dr. Kotrba serves as the president of the Selective Mutism Group (SMG) Board of Directors and as the psychological expert for a local Selective Mutism parent enhance group. Dr. Kotrba’s work has appeared in a lot of media, including Parent Magazine and MetroParent Magazine.

Selective Mutism: A Guide for Therapists, Educators, and Parents provides an effective, research-based behavioral intervention plan for the successful remedy of Selective Mutism. Based on years of clinical experience and expertise, writer Dr. Aimee Kotrba provides not only assessment and remedy information, but also case examples, easy-to-implement workbook sheets, and informative handouts. Dr. Kotrba is an advocate of team remedy – parents, schools, and mental health professionals working together to intervene with selective mutism — and this book provides intervention strategies for all team members, in addition to a comprehensive remedy plan that may be individualized to any child. The techniques included emphasize a gradual, stepwise approach to increased speech, in addition to fun and engaging activities that can be utilized at every step of remedy. Tips for engaging and motivating children and teens are included to give a boost to remedy outcomes.
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