Endorsements from the original edition:

“Elizabeth’s book speaks to the uniqueness of each family in a loving and knowledgeable way.”

James J. McKenna, Ph.D., Director, Mother BabyBehavioral Sleep Center, University of Notre Dame

“At long last, a book I can hand to weary parents withconfidence that they can learn to help their baby sleep – without crying itout.”
William Sears MD, author of The Baby Book

“Finally! A book on sleep that isn’t cruel for the baby and yetvalidates Mom’s need forsleep. Elizabeth Pantley has put together the perfectplan which any parent cantailor-make for his or her family.”

MaribethDoerr, Creator andeditor-in-chief StorkNet 

“A book that deals sensitively with the issue: how to get babies tosleep without letting them cry it out.”
Tricia Jalbert & Macall Gordon, AttachmentParenting International

From the Publisher

Elizabeth Pantley is one of the today’s top experts on parenting issues and is an experienced mother of four. She has traveled the world speaking and writing about the challenges that parents face, providing positive, effective, practical solutions that have improved millions of families’ lives.

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The classic, best-selling no-tears guide to making sure your baby―and you―get a full night’s sleep has been updated – it is now easier to use and has been expanded to include more solutions plus critical new safety information.Nearly all babies fight sleep. Some people argue that parents should let their baby “cry it out” until the child falls asleep; others say parents should tough it out from dusk until dawn. Neither tactic fosters happiness in the family. The No-Cry Sleep Solution gives parents a third option: a proven method to pin-point the root of sleep problems and solve them in a way that is gentle to babies, effective for parents, and provides peace in the home.One of today’s leading experts on children’s sleep, Elizabeth Pantley delivers clear, step-by-step ideas for guiding your child to a good night’s sleep―without any crying. This parenting classic shows how to decipher―and work with―your baby’s biological sleep rhythms, create a customized plan for getting your child to sleep through the night, nap well during the day, and teach your baby to fall asleep peacefully, and stay asleep, without all-night breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or requiring a parent’s care all through the night.And now, this updated edition is even easier to follow. It provides important new guidelines on safety (bedsharing, pacifiers, swings, slings, swaddling and more), and an expanded chapter specifically about newborns. It covers every sleep issue that occurs in the first few years and answers parents’ common questions about white noise, back-sleeping, SIDS, day care, naps, nightwaking, bedsharing, dealing with strong-willed babies, working with caregivers, troubleshooting sleep issues, and more! 
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