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K-Gr 2—The first stanza of the song “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold” is, literally, the theme of Otoshi’s third book about numbers. Two and One are best friends until Three comes along and disrupts the status quo. Two feels terrible about being left out, but Three convinces One that “odds” are better than the rest,” and some verbal teasing ensues. Other atypical and even numbers sign up for in the escalating argument until Zero steps in and convinces Two to put a halt to the escalating division. One, Two, and Three apologize for the way they’ve been acting, and all of the numbers, from Zero to Nine, come to a decision it’s a good thing to be open to all potential friends. Some lines rhyme, but others don’t, which can create a problem in the reading cadence the first time around. This tale, featuring colorful numbers placed on large white pages, presents some clever wordplay and has a moral for you to be best understood by children if the book is shared with an adult.—Maryann H. Owen, Children’s Literature Specialist, Mt. Pleasant, WI


“Otoshi’s cognitive behavioral approach suggests that heroic action isn’t at all times something that may be seen; it’s something that happens inside. Clearly meant for public readaloud and classroom discussion, it is a polished, on-message opening for dialogue about bullying, mean girls, and other social plagues.”

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“Two felt blue. ‘What did I do?’
‘Let it go,’ said Zero
‘Just ignore them,’ added Four.

But Two couldn’t let go.
At every turn, what did she see?
One playing with — Three!”
— from the book

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Two is best friends with One. Whenever they’d get the chance, they’d dance! She’d sing and snap. He’d tappity-tap. What a pair they made! At the end of every day, they’d at all times say, “ONE, TWO, I’ll count on you, ’til the end, we’ll be best friends.” Until Three jumps in between them . . . Suddenly One only wants to play with Three. “ONE, THREE, odds we’ll be!” they chant. Two feels left out. But what can she do? Another character-building counting book by award-winning creator Kathryn Otoshi, Two is a powerful story of friendship, loss, letting go, and self-discovery.
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