You Want– A toddler toy

You Need – A color doodle magnetic drawing board with color screen different from the other offers

You Desire Not just a magnetic board, but one magic magnetic drawing board educational toy that will help you build a solid parent-child relationship based on communication while playing

You Get – Everything you Want, Need and Desire and a Surprise – A Funny Story Audiobook for your child + A Small Drawing Board that can be used with a parent or brother or friend

The Concept It’s not just about the size, the quality of the plastic and of the finishes. It is also about the reason we created them and this is to unite people, to connect to imagination using the reality, not the virtual environment. The large drawing tablet, mega doodle, is for the kids; the small magnadoodle is for the parent, or brother or friend or favorite toy. When the child will play using the small board with the favorite toy or the younger brother or sister, he will feel capable and big, he will trust himself. These feelings make him want to educate, to lead the situation and teach his friend about the importance of writing, drawing, and reading. .

You will never want to be without this extra large colour magnetic drawing board set in vacation or at home. Juguetes para niñas, Juguetes para niños.

The frame is made from high-quality non-toxic ABS plastic materials, it is smell-free and more friendly to kids.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee; our magnetic drawing boards set is backed by our manufacturer 30-day money back guarantee with 1-year free replacement warranty. (caused by non-artificial breakdown) Just send us an email.

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🏂SIMPLE TOY FOR INTELLIGENT MIND It is ALL about the “WHY” we sell this magna doodle for toddlers set ,this is to unite family and friends using the reality, not the virtual environment; best magnetic drawing board for toddlers
🎄LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT FOR AND WITH YOUR CHILD -Look into your child’s eyes and draw the world with him on the intelligent doodle board magnetic ; Listen to the FUNNIE STORY with your child and help him understand the life lessons; Let him try to draw the characters on the doodle board for toddlers
🎅FULLY APPRECIATE THE MOMENTS WITH YOUR LOVED ONES; 1 large kids magnetic drawing board is for the toddler and 1 travel magna doodle is to be used by family, friends, for playing with the toddler; We Don’t Just Sell magnadoodles We Sell An Experience
🎁GREAT TOY FOR PLAYING Kids can play together with these etch a sketch freestyle board, one can write a letter or a number hiding it with a hand and the other one can guess what the other wrote
🎉STOP WORRYING ! Just press ADD TO CART, we have a very good customer service for this magnet doodle board for kids
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