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“Sarah’s courses are spot on. They’re insightful, specific, and practical. Her knowledge of positive parenting and brain science come through clearly, and her down-to-earth approach is refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker and easy to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and her website.” ~ Elizabeth Pantley, Bestselling author of the No-Cry Solution parenting book series
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This course will give you

Increase JOY within the home by using parenting tools that lighten the mood for everyon

Lower stress for you and your children by helping you avoid unnecessary conflict

Gain confidence in your parenting skills by using research-backed methods that enhance rather than harm your relationships with your kids

Meet Your Instructor

Sarah R. Moore

Founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting.

My professional work spans the globe, reaching readers on six continents. My writing has appeared in The Natural Parent Magazine, Mother.ly, Kids in the House, Her View from Home, Scary Mommy, Pregnancy Magazine, Green Child Magazine, Thought Catalog, and Macaroni Kid, among others.

In addition to being an avid reader and researcher of the work in my field, here's a summary of my professional training and experience:

  • B.A., M.F.S., Journalism and French, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Certified by the Jai Institute for Parenting and am now a Master Trainer for the organization
  • Editor and writer for Pregnancy Magazine
  • Certified by the Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring
  • Member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)
  • Studied interpersonal neurobiology under the tutelage of world-renowned expert and best-selling author Dr. Daniel J. Siegel
  • Currently studying trauma under Bessel van der Kolk, MD, expert and best-selling author of The Body Keeps the Score

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What Makes Us Different From The Competition

Sarah has a unique blend of having studied neuroscience, improvisational comedy, and attachment science. That combination, along with her teaching experience as a Master Trainer and certified conscious parent coach, give her unique insight into which tools really work for parents -- and how to use them effectively.

What You Will Learn Inside This Course

Inside you will learn about brain science, child development, and healthy attachment. Specifically, you’ll learn
How to help children WANT to do well for (and with) you, without having to rely on punishments and rewards
How and why to use playful parenting to naturally increase connection, cooperation, and joy in your family
Why many common “consequences” don’t work and what to do instead
How to release guilt and shame you’ve been harboring over your mistakes (we’ve all been there)
How to raise children who model empathy, kindness, resiliency, and confidence with their peers and adults
Where true respect comes from and how to raise children run to you, rather than away from you, when they struggle

You don’t need to be a parenting expert to raise great kids.

Success looks different to each individual. Each child has their own path. Society will always pressure you to teach in a certain way. At the same time, you don’t need to keep using strategies that aren’t serving you or your relationships with your children. You crave deeper, more meaningful, and more authentically strong connections with them. You want to raise kids who you genuinely want to be around, and who want to be around you. Naturally. Joyfully. Peacefully.

With a connection-based approach to parenting, you can be yourself, just as you are -- and with some new ways to approach parenting that are proven by research to be highly effective. You’ll discover ways to lead from the heart, creating clear yet loving boundaries that your children will naturally want to work within (it really is possible). You’ll learn actionable, practical tips that you can start doing right away. A greater sense of peace is right around the corner.

Testimonials From our Student (Teachers)

"Sarah's courses are spot on. They're insightful, specific, and practical. Her knowledge of positive parenting and brain science come through clearly, and her down-to-earth approach is refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker and easy to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and her website."

Elizabeth Pantley

Bestselling author of the No-Cry Solution parenting book series

""Dandelion Seeds’ class on Holding Space for Kids’ Big Feelings gave me a tool I was able to use the next day for both my littles (and it helped!:) as well as insight into some internal work I can do to benefit myself and kiddos in those big feelings situations. Thanks DS!:)""



"Sarah is genuine and warm in her teaching style and she has such a beautiful way of explaining critically important and highly valuable parenting topics. She has a wonderfully natural approach in her presentation of topics - one that immediately puts parents at ease. The practical examples that Sarah uses are so beneficial and make the concepts easy to apply.""

Naomi Holdt

Experienced teacher, educational psychologist, public speaker

"I just watched Getting Kids Attention When They’re Just Not Listening. Really insightful..."

Sam C.


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