Positive Parenting Summit

Coming online @ August 15, 2024
5 topic tracks, 20+ experts, 30+ hours of content

Presented by
founder of Dandelion Seeds and author of Peaceful Discipline

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It Is For You, If...

You appreciate the science of parenting and want to make informed choices about how to raise your kids.
You’re concerned about how kids are being affected by anxiety, depression, screens, the pandemic, racial inequality, and climate change.
You value the relationship you have with your child and strive to use alternatives to threats and punishment.
Join tens of thousands of other parents, professionals, researchers, and authors sharing the science of parenting.
Get practical tools to make everyday family life easier.
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What People Say

Oh man that was amazing! Phenomenal, astonishing, terrific, marvellous, tremendous!
Michael Grandiloquent, father of 14
I've never felt so elevated and motivated as I was after this summit! Even if didn't happen yet!
Anna Elevato, mother of strawberry jam

Topic Tracks

Sarah R. Moore
Watch Interview
Somey Presenters
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Man Superman
One more title of the presentation
Mona Delahooke
And another title of the presentation
Anne Lane
Title of the presentation
Nicole Beurkens
One more title of the presentation
Ned and Bill
Another title of the presentation
Robert Brooks, Ph.D
One more title of the presentation
Kim John Payne
Title of the presentation
George Clooney
How are you doing?

Sponsored by Sarah R. Moore

I am also humbled to announce the release of my first gentle parenting book. It's called Peaceful Discipline: Story Teaching, Brain Science & Better Behavior. There's some short information about the book, why it's worth getting and all that. Like one small paragraph. And may be a short word about the author again.

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