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Interview with Licensed Psychologist and Author Lawrence J. Cohen

Lawrence J. Cohen PhD discusses the incredible positive impact of playful parenting, how it works, and how to minimize anxiety in the family.
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More aboutThe interview

In this interview, Lawrence J. Cohen PhD discusses many important topics, including:

  • What playful parenting is
  • Why we don't need to be super creative or funny to do it well
  • How and why to "follow the child"
  • Why playful parenting sometimes backfires, and how to avoid that
  • How to minimize conflict and anxiety in the home
More aboutLawrence J. Cohen, PhD

Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD is a licensed psychologist and author.

His books Playful Parenting and The Opposite of Worry have been translated into 18 languages. He is also the co-author of The Art of Roughhousing, Best Friends Worst Enemies, and Mom They're Teasing me. He lives in Portland, Oregon.
Note that all advice and guidance offered on this site is not medical guidance and should not be interpreted as such, and the owner of this site is not responsible for individual outcomes.

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