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Interview with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sarah Bren

Dr. Sarah Bren discusses "good enough" parenting

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In this interview, Dr. Sarah Bren discusses "good enough" parenting and why it really IS good enough. She covers big feelings, boundaries, and how to handle parenting when we really don't know what to do.

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Sarah Bren, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and mom of two, whose passion is helping parents find their inner confidence and raise healthy, resilient kids. Dr. Sarah is the host of the podcast Securely Attached, and the creator of the digital course The Authentic Parent: Finding Your Confidence in Parenthood and The Science of Tantrums. She is the co-founder of Upshur Bren Psychology Group in Pelham, NY where she treats parents, children and families. Go to drsarahbren.com to learn more and connect with her on Instagram @drsarahbren.

- Free download: 5 games for emotion regulation: https://drsarahbren.com/tantrums-pdf

- Step-by-step repair workbook: I Lost My Temper: https://drsarahbren.com/lost-my-temper

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