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Interview with Adverse Childhood Experiences Genevieve Rivera

Genevieve Rivera discusses adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), how we can break unhealthy cycles, and how children and adults can recover from them.
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More aboutThe interview

In this interview, Genevieve Rivera discusses adverse childhood experiences (ACEs):

  • What they are
  • Their impacts on child development
  • When to seek help
  • Long-term outcomes
  • How recovery is possible
  • Hope for moving forward
More aboutGenevieve Rivera

Genevieve Rivera is the executive director of the American Society for the Positive Care of Children. American SPCC aims to prevent child abuse by empowering parents, guardians, teachers and caregivers with the tools, resources, knowledge, and positive parenting support to break generational trauma and build brighter futures for our youth.

As a mom, Genevieve understands the challenges that new parents face. She believes that understanding, educating, and raising awareness of how adults play a role in child development is the first step in ending the epidemic of child abuse in America. Through in-depth volunteer work and nonprofit management, she has witnessed firsthand how families and caregivers can build stronger bonds and break patterns of generational trauma when appropriate resources and support systems are in place.

Genevieve is committed to advancing American SPCC’s mission and empowering communities to see that change is possible and that we all have a role to play. Genevieve is Brain Story certified and holds a degree in marketing and media communications.

Disclaimer:  All advice and guidance offered on this site is not medical guidance and should not be interpreted as such, and the owner of this site is not responsible for individual outcomes.

I am not a physician, psychologist, or counselor, nor am I licensed to offer therapy or medical advice of any kind. I am a certified conscious parenting coach and my courses, blog posts, and all other guidance are based on my training and experience. If you are having an emergency or are in crisis please call 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Line (800-273-8255), or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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