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Interview with Fatherhood Paul Banas

Paul Banas discusses the changing role of fathers and how they can nurture a lifelong relationship with their kids.
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In this interview, Paul Banas discusses the ever-evolving role of fathers, and how connection-based parenting is key to a lifelong relationship with their kids. He covers many important topics, including:

  • The role empathy plays in authentic relationships
  • The importance of being vulnerable
  • Natural differences unique to dads that support children's development
  • The shift from uninvolved parenting to an active role in a child's upbringing
  • The magic that happens between dads and their kids when the father "shows up" physically and emotionally
More aboutPaul Banas

Paul Banas is the publisher of GreatDad.com and Pregnancy Magazine and its website PregnancyMagazine.com. After a career in advertising and international marketing at companies including Ogilvy & Mather, Unilever, Visa, and Yahoo, he quit his corporate job to stay at home with his small daughter and infant son. This experience led him to develop GreatDad.com, at the time one of very few parenting resources specifically for fathers. After training at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and Positive Intelligence, he also coaches dads and entrepreneurs. Paul firmly believes in the importance of involved parenting to create a new generation of happier and more empathetic children.

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