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Interview with Biblical Parenting is Gentle Parenting Samuel Martin

In this interview, Samuel Martin, biblical expert and author of multiple books against corporal punishment, challenges us to parent peacefully, and with grace and compassion at the core of our discipline strategies.
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In this interview, Samuel Martin discusses the following important issues that we can better understand about Christian parenting:

  • There are many non-Christians, and for that matter, Christians, who view God as a God of punishment and wrath. Is this valid?
  • If that is not the true nature of God, then what is – and how do we know?
  • There’s a very common misconception that the Bible urges us to use corporal punishment with our children when they misbehave. Where does this idea come from?
  • Some parents justify corporal punishment by doing different “versions” of it; varying levels of force, having the non-angry parent do the spanking/swatting/"tapping," etc. Why does this still not make it okay from a Biblical standpoint?
  • What does the Bible actually say about how we’re to guide our children? Your book series is “Thy Rod and Thy Staff; They Comfort Me” – please explain where this comes from.
  • What, then, would you consider to be true Biblical parenting?
  • How does parental intuition relate to guiding our children?
  • From what we know about Jesus from the Bible, is He the model to whom we should turn for our parenting guidance (even though He had no children, Himself)?


More aboutSamuel Martin

Samuel Martin was born in England and is the youngest child of Dr. Ernest L. and Helen R. Martin, who are both Americans and natives of the state of Oklahoma. He lived in the UK for the first seven years of his life before moving to the USA with his family. He lived in the USA until 2001 when he married a native Israeli Christian and relocated to live in Jerusalem, where he currently resides. He and his wife, Sonia, have two daughters. His experience with biblical scholarship began at an early age. His father lead a program in conjunction with Hebrew University and the late Professor Benjamin Mazar, where over a five year period, some 450 college students came to work on an archaeological excavation in Jerusalem starting in 1969. Since that first trip, Samuel has visited Israel on 14 different occasions living more than 19 years of his life in the country. He has toured all areas of Israel as well as worked in several archaeological excavations. He writes regularly on biblical subjects with a particular interest in children, families, nature, science, the Bible, and gender in the Biblical context. He holds an MA from the University of the Holy Land in Inter-Cultural Studies and the Bible.

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