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Interview with Using Improv in Parenting Vivek Patel

In this interview, Vivek Patel discusses how we can use the principles of improvisation to support our parenting.
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In this interview, Vivek Patel discusses how we can use the principles of improvisational comedy to support our parenting:

  • WHY an "improv attitude" matters for parenting and how we use it
  • Why we don't need to be funny to do improv in parenting
  • Why flexibility is key in a healthy parent/child dyad; how we release our attachment to certain outcomes
  • The "Yes, and..." concept of improv -- how it works, how we can relate it to everyday experiences with our children
  • What to do when we feel stuck; when play doesn't come naturally or we feel awkward
  • What it looks like long-term when we parent this way
More aboutVivek Patel

Vivek Patel of Meaningful Ideas has been teaching Conscious Parenting concepts to families for over 10 years. The ideas he shares have been used by thousands of families to create more harmony and connection in their homes. His online audience has grown to over 100 thousand people. He has written over 500 parenting articles and created over 100 videos. There is also a book in the works. Vivek cares deeply about empowering parents to develop more harmonious relationships with their kids using a powerful parenting model based on Communication, Connection and Collaboration. Please check out Vivek's social media @meaningfulideas www.Facebook.com/meaningfulideas www.Youtube.com/meaningfulideas www.instagram.com/meaningfulideas www.meaningfulideas.com

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I am not a physician, psychologist, or counselor, nor am I licensed to offer therapy or medical advice of any kind. I am a certified conscious parenting coach and my courses, blog posts, and all other guidance are based on my training and experience. If you are having an emergency or are in crisis please call 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Line (800-273-8255), or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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