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We've heard that presents aren't always necessary or beneficial for development. And let's be real---gifts also aren't financially feasible for some families. We've also heard that experience gifts for kids are better than many traditional ones that come in a box, but what are experience gifts, anyway?

As conscious parents, we want to do better for the planet and better for our kids' brains. The gift ideas on this list can help us do both.

experience gifts for kids
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Experience Gifts for Kids

Here are the experience gifts we like best for kids, each with a way to help make them affordable.

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What other experiences would kids like?

Science knows it: kids crave time with their parents. Plus, according to Harvard University, experiences are better for children's development. Here's how the brain processes experiences for them.

But what do I put in the box?

This part is easy. You put the tickets in the box; a token representative of what you're doing together. My child still has a Nutcracker ornament that we gave her to symbolize the ballet to which we were going several years ago. Going to the museum? Draw a picture of a dinosaur and put it in the stocking. Music lessons? Give your child a guitar pick. Mini-golfing? Give a golf ball. There's almost always something small you can give as a token preview of what you'll be doing together. As a bonus, it serves as a lovely souvenir afterwards.

So, why not combine experience gifts for kids along with quality time with parents? It's a sure-win combination. After all, Christmas was never supposed to be about the "stuff" anyway, right? There's no better time to connect than at the holidays.

And then carry that connection forward throughout the year.

Much love to you and yours!

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