Promoting Gratitude in Kids: Random Acts of Kindness

gratitude in kids random acts of kindness

Here in the northern hemisphere, many of us are hunkering down on colder days, upping the comfort food, and tentatively peeking out our windows for the first signs of winter. Hibernating sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan. (Good thinkin’, bears.) And with stores everywhere commercializing the upcoming holidays, many of our kiddos are starting to […]

When Positive Parenting Works: The Power of a Hug

positive parenting

In positive parenting, the power of a hug is some of the best preventative medicine that exists for the adult-child relationship, even with children who aren’t our own. * A girl I’ll call Juniper, who was then two and a half years old, was standing with my child and me in the doorway just before […]

Halloween and Food Allergies: Fostering Childhood Resilience

When my daughter was three years old, I didn’t think anything about fostering childhood resilience when it came to Halloween. For some reason that’s unbeknownst to me, she decided that what people do with Halloween candy is…donate it. Who was I to argue with her thoughtful idea? So, for the past two years, we’ve gathered […]

Help a Sick Kid Feel Better Fast

Sick Kid Survival Kit

After a week of my sick kid having what I thought was the common cold, I finally took her to the doctor to be sure it wasn’t something serious. She’d had a sore throat and a fever along with lots of other cold symptoms. She’d been happy enough to chill out on the couch with […]

Counting to Three: A Positive Parenting Version

Many kids have an inherent panic response when Mom or Dad starts counting, “1…2…3…”—the three most fearsome numbers of childhood. Although the consequences differ from household to household, counting is often code for imminent trouble. Peaceful, positive parenting can change that. Rather than counting to three as a threat (suggesting punishment that’s rarely effective anyway), […]

What Is Gentle Parenting — and What Isn’t It?

positive parenting

I’ve had it with gentle parenting. To clarify, I’m still giving children love, respect, and a whole lot of grace as they learn to navigate this thing called life. More than ever, I see the value of positive parenting not only in my own child, but also in those with whom I interact regularly. I’m […]

Who Plants the Flowers?

Ever since I learned to stand on my own two feet, I’ve been walking up and down a particular hill in the city where I was born. This hill, which happens to be on a university campus, is one of my special places in life. I now live thousands of miles from it, but anytime […]

Reframing the Terrible Twos

The “terrible twos” have a reputation, even among non-parents. The moniker has become so commonplace that at just the very mention of a second birthday, well-meaning friends reference the possibility of impending doom, as if the milestone is going to summon something akin to a year-long root canal. Is it warranted, though? As a positive […]

Bedtime Stories & How I Accidentally Made our Bedtime Routine Easier

Bedtime routine

Bedtime stories: and how I accidentally made our bedtime routine easier. Some of the best things were invented accidentally: chocolate chip cookies, the Slinky, and even pacemakers, for example. (Wow!) One special night during our standard bedtime routine, I accidentally invented a magical pillowcase. My then- four-year-old child was nestling down after her bedtime story, […]

Emotional Intelligence: Conflict Resolution for Kids

Executive Function

Most kids have inherently good negotiation skills. Pull out a chocolate bar and tell kids to divide it up for themselves, and you’ll find quick proof of that. When it comes to conflict resolution and self-regulation, however, many adults wonder whether children possess the emotional intelligence and executive functioning skills to navigate that territory. As […]