Beauty and the Child: Building Self-Esteem

Beauty and the Child: Building Self-Esteem

Due to my Mom’s work as an international model and actress, I spent most of my formative years surrounded by some of the World’s Most Beautiful People. Some, like my Mom, just happened to be beautiful on the inside, too, but that certainly wasn’t the case for everyone. Couple my surroundings with my passion for […]

Introverted Children: Three Ways to Connect

When my daughter was two, I had to schedule at least two hours when we’d go to the grocery store because, being the new talker that she was then, she insisted that we stop and talk to every single person we passed in every single aisle. I’d go in for one tomato and leave with 25 new […]

You Are Here: How to Diffuse Big Feelings

Anyone with someone small in the house knows how BIG the feelings can be. As parents, we commit all sorts of unconscionable crimes: we deliver a pancake in the wrong shape; put the ketchup on the pasta instead of next to it (and yes, we’ve agreed to ketchup on pasta); we’ve put the wrong sock on first.The […]

Our Inner Cinderella: Girls’ Body Image Starts Young

Cinderella Body Image

A couple of weeks ago, my four-year-old child was looking admiringly at the cover of a Cinderella coloring book. She’s had it for half her life. Until now, she’d always been more interested in the scenes overall than in the individual princesses. And she’s certainly never addressed anything about her body image. This time, however, she […]