Climate Action: Raffi’s Bold New Songs

greta thunberg climate action

Have you ever tried to change the world—really put your heart into it and stayed the course because it simply became part of you? Most of us haven’t. Raffi, however, has done exactly that. Once called “the most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world” (Washington Post) and “Canada’s all-time children’s champion” (Toronto Star), Raffi […]

Raffi’s Child Honouring Course: Parenting for a Better World

child honouring

Raffi’s Child Honouring course: Parenting for a Better World One morning not long ago, I was about to attempt to fix a clogged drain in my shower. With minimal enthusiasm for that task, however, I opted to check my Instagram messages before starting. Much to my surprise, I had received a note from Raffi Cavoukian, […]