You Are Here: How to Diffuse Big Feelings

Anyone with someone small in the house knows how BIG the feelings can be. As parents, we commit all sorts of unconscionable crimes: we deliver a pancake in the wrong shape; put the ketchup on the pasta instead of next to it (and yes, we’ve agreed to ketchup on pasta); we’ve put the wrong sock on first.The […]

The Parental Messer-Upper: How to Correct and Reconnect

Today, my biggest “success” may have been when I spilled our 350-degree-straight-from-the-oven dinner all over the floor, but managed to avoid covering my nearby child in it. You know that joke people sometimes make about “Well, did everybody survive the day? That’s all that matters…”–well, today, I feel fortunate to answer that one affirmatively. Not. […]

How to Avoid Taking Christmas Out on Your Kids

I’d like to think my mental pace most Decembers has been the serene speed of “O Holy Night,” calm and angelic, rendering me capable of mid-afternoon waltzes around the Christmas tree with my young daughter in my arms. More often than not, though, my brain has buzzed around in a chaotic “Feliz Navidad”-in-warp-speed mode. Less […]