Maine gets extension on REAL ID compliance

Maine gets extension on REAL ID compliance

Maine is getting more time to comply with federal rules on identification cards.

Rep. Chellie Pingree, D Maine, said federal officials have agreed to extend the deadline for Maine and other states not in compliance with the REAL ID Act until Oct. 10, 2017. scannable ids

Before Wednesday announcement, the deadline for compliance had been Jan. 30, 2017, after which Maine drivers licenses would no longer be valid identification for boarding commercial flights or for entry into many federal buildings.

The REAL ID Act requires states to introduce new technology on drivers licenses to allow for use of facial recognition software. It also requires states to keep scans of official documents, fake ids such as birth certificates. It was adopted in 2005, based on a recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.

Maine was one of only five states that was completely out of compliance with the law. Other states had either adopted the requirements or were acting under federal waivers while they worked toward compliance.

After years of resistance, the Maine Legislature this spring ordered the Secretary of State office to begin designing new drivers licenses and state identification cards that comply with the REAL ID requirements. scannable ids Residents can still individually opt out of receiving REAL ID compliant cards.

Opponents argued that the requirements put personal data at risk and would have little impact on fighting terrorism or dealing with illegal immigration.

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