Preparing for the Inevitable: The Importance of Trusting Play

“Mommy, let’s pretend this isn’t a train tunnel.” “Okay, what is it?” “It’s a tomb.” Well, hello, conversation stopper. She paused for effect, which is a good thing, because I certainly didn’t expect that. After a moment to process and very consciously trust that children’s play serves an important purpose for them, I mentally cringed […]

Pumpkin Spice Muffins: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Whole-Grain

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest we rename this season “Pumpkin-Fall.” And if you’re anything like me and want delicious pumpkin-flavored treats year-round, we can also rename Winter, “Snowy Pumpkins” and Spring, “Blooming Pumpkins.” What about Summer, you ask? I want to hear what you think we should call it. That […]

Traveling with Kids: Top Five Products to Promote Creative Thinking

Travel ideas for kids big and small–for their safety and entertainment! (Click here for the short version.) Do something good when you shop with us! Your purchases help us support important charity work around the world. Click Here Click here to jump straight to our recommendations for traveling with kids. Traveling with kids is one […]

Telling Our Kids What TO Do: Three Ways to Build a Child’s Self-Confidence

At one of the schools I have the pleasure of visiting regularly, this week’s craft table featured what the teacher appropriately called the “paper guillotine,” along with some glue and paper. At one point, an unsuspecting adult walked over and saw the setup. She inquired, only half-jokingly, “Oh, is this the table where you slice […]

Childhood Fears: How to Help Conquer Them

Childhood fears are as real to them, as our adult ones are to us. Case in point, when my daughter was younger and before I better understood highly sensitive children (afflinks), we drove past Seattle’s Fremont Troll and it scared the heck out of her. She dubbed it the second scariest thing in the universe, coming in […]

Homemade Almond Butter: Delicious and Versatile!

Awhile back, seeing that my kiddo loves almond butter like some kids enjoy candy, I ordered a whole bunch of it. Although I was happy about its relative health benefits and versatility compared to many other “treats,” I wasn’t entirely keen on the added ingredients, the (oftentimes) plastic packaging, and the cost. So, I decided […]

How I Clean My House–and Six Fun Strategies that Engage My Child’s Help

I was in the kitchen making homemade almond butter (yum!). My five-year-old walked in with her cup of water and announced, “Mommy, let’s pretend you’re working in a bakery!” That sounds about right, considering how much time I spend cooking. She added, “I’ve brought my cup of water for any of your customers who want […]

Pumpkin-Spiced Dandelion Root Latte (Guest Blog!)

If you’re anything like me, hints of cooler weather have you savoring the last sparkling lemonades and crunchy salads of the Summer, while also looking forward to savory soups and steamy, hot drinks. As visions of pumpkins dance through my head (and at the grocery stores and coffee shop menus), I can close my eyes […]

Beauty and the Child: Building Self-Esteem

Beauty and the Child: Building Self-Esteem

For better or worse, due to my Mom’s work in the entertainment industry, I spent most of my formative years surrounded by some of the World’s Most Beautiful People. At least, they were beautiful from an aesthetic point of view. Some, like my Mom, just happened to be beautiful on the inside, too, but that […]

Instant Pot® Carrot Ginger Lentil Stew

Half the people in our city are sick this week. Half. No good, I say! We like feeling healthy and strong, thank you very much. I have no time to be down with a cold or flu. So, to the extent that I can, I’m giving my body every tool imaginable to keep it working […]