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Michele Borba

Michele Borba


In this interview, best selling author Michele Borba discusses the following:

  • What makes a child a THRIVER? What are the character strengths that set thrivers apart?
  • You’re really worried about this generation of kids. Why is that, and what can we do about it?
  • What do resilience and empathy have to do with kids who thrive?
  • What about kids’ natural temperament? How does that play into whether they thrive — and what can we do about it?
  • What are common child-rearing mistakes parents make that reduce kids’ thriving potential?
  • How do we move away from external reward systems and help kids feel an internal locus of control / intrinsic motivation?
  • What are some specific and actionable things parents can do now to help their kids thrive?


Michele Borba, Ed.Dis an internationally renowned educator, award-winning author, and parenting, child and bullying expert recognized for her solution-based strategies to strengthen children’s empathy, character, and reduce bullying. She is an NBC contributor who has appeared over 150 times on the TODAY show and featured on countless shows including: Dr. Phil, Dateline, The View and CNN. Her 24 books have been translated in 20 languages including End Peer Cruelty, Build Empathy, Building Moral Intelligence, UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World. her latest (March 2021) is Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine.  She offers realistic, research-based advice culled from a career of working with over one million parents and educators worldwide. Follow her on Twitter @micheleborba and Instagram @drmicheleborba

Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

New York Times best-selling author

In this interview, Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D. and Sarah R. Moore of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting discuss Tina’s incredible new book, as well as several game-changing topics for both new and experienced parents. They discuss

  • The differences between attachment science and attachment parenting
  • How to foster healthy, secure attachment in our children
  • Discipline and what it really means
  • Self-soothing vs. co-regulation
  • Whether our kids will remember their early life experiences

They cover these and other topics you won’t want to miss. You can watch the video in its entirety or as stand-alone sections. Either way, you’ll see why Tina is truly an expert in her field – while you feel supported, encouraged, and empowered to parent well.


Tina is a psychotherapist and the Founder/Executive Director of The Center for Connection in Pasadena, California. An LCSW, she graduated from Baylor University and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, where her research explored attachment science, childrearing theory, and the emerging field of interpersonal neurobiology. Dr. Bryson has an unusual knack for taking research and theory from various fields of science, and offering it in a way that’s clear, realistic, humorous, and immediately helpful. Learn more here.

katherine reynolds lewis

Katherine Reynolds Lewis


In this interview, Katherine Reynolds Lewis discusses:

  • Adults’ natural inclination to squash unwanted behavior, and why we really need to do the opposite
  • The benefits of authoritative parenting and why permissive and authoritarian styles are NOT the answer
  • What routines and limits look like in authoritative parenting
  • Why we need to avoid rewards and punishments
  • What it means when our kids’ behavior is getting worse rather than better when we try to integrate a new authoritative approach
  • “1 in 2 children will develop a mood or behavior disorder or substance abuse by 18” — why this is and what we can do to fix it
  • Screens! What they’re doing to our children — and what the remedy is
  • Over-scheduling, and the importance of play and rest
  • Why behavior seems to be declining in recent years — and what we can do about it


Katherine Reynolds Lewis is an award-winning journalist, author and speaker based in the Washington D.C. area on topics including parenting, children, education, mental health, technology, work, entrepreneurship, caregiving, diversity, equity and inclusion. Her award-winning book, The Good News About Bad Behavior (PublicAffairs, April 2018), explains why modern kids are so undisciplined and tells the stories of innovators who are rebuilding lost self-regulation, resolving family conflict and changing the trajectory of young lives. Based on the most-read article ever published by Mother Jones, the book documents a new model of discipline for a generation of children who are out of control.  Katherine is a certified parent educator with the Parent Encouragement Program in Kensington, Md.

Katherine’s work has appeared in The Atlantic, Bloomberg Businessweek, Experience Life, Fortune, Medium, The New York Times, Parents, Slate, USA Today, The Washington Post and Working Mother. She’s appeared on CNN, NPR, Bloomberg television and radio, and HuffPost Live, as well as many TV and radio programs nationally and internationally.

Iris Chen

Iris Chen

Author, Untigering

In this interview, Iris Chen discusses

  • Family of origin in a culture of “tiger parenting”
  • The choice to depart from that mindset and choose another
  • “Un-wiring” our prior selves; our prior patterns
  • The importance of discussing a change in parenting directly with children
  • What it means to rethink so much of our parenting journey, from our understanding of our roles as parents to how we perceive our children, their actions, and their motivations
  • The rupture and repair cycle; encouragement for the parent who feels like too much damage has already been done
  • The pushback we give ourselves, as well as the pushback we receive from our family members and friends — and how to navigate it, especially if the prior way seems to have “worked”
  • How we know peaceful parenting really does work — and how we need to redefine “work” to remove a sense of control or power from our relationships with our children


Iris Chen is an author, unschooling mom, deconstructing tiger parent, and founder of the Untigering movement. As an advocate for peaceful parenting and educational freedom for children, her mission is to inspire generational and cultural transformation, especially among Asian communities. She spent 16 years living overseas in China (land of the tiger parent!), but now resides in her native California with her husband and two sons. You can read more about her adventures in parenting and unschooling at www.untigering.com.

Positive Parenting Expert

Dr. Ross Greene

Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Professor at Harvard & Virginia Tech,

In this interview, Dr. Ross Greene explains:

  • The difference between a meltdown and explosiveness
  • How parents can avoid “walking on eggshells” around their child
  • What relationship exists, if any, between explosiveness and anxiety or depression
  • How we can collaborate with our child for a stronger, more positive relationship
  • What’s happening when a child “escapes” emotionally after a big emotional expression
  • The style of parenting from which children benefit most
  • Addressing underlying needs rather than “solving” for behavior
  • Healthy and unhealthy ways to channel anger
  • How to work with children rather than against them


Ross W. Greene, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and the originator of the innovative, evidence-based approach called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), as described in his influential books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings. He also developed and executive produced the award-winning documentary film The Kids We Lose, released in 2018. Dr. Greene was on the faculty at Harvard Medical School for over 20 years, and founded the non-profit Lives in the Balance in 2009. He is also adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech and adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Science at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Greene has worked with several thousand behaviorally challenging kids and their caregivers, and he and his colleagues have overseen implementation and evaluation of the CPS model in hundreds of schools, inpatient psychiatry units, and residential and juvenile detention facilities, with dramatic effect: significant reductions in recidivism, discipline referrals, detentions, suspensions, and use of restraint and seclusion. Dr. Greene lectures throughout the world and lives in Portland, Maine.

Positive Parenting Expert

Lynyetta G. Willis

Psychologist, Family Empowerment Coach, Speaker, and Author

In this interview, Dr. Lynyetta Willis discusses how to re-parent ourselves:

  • How our family of origin plays into who we are with our own children
  • What “reverse shaming” is and why to avoid it
  • How to address our family of origin “stuff” as we see it affect our relationship with our co-parent
  • Ways to heal alongside another human who’s come to expect certain behaviors from us (even if we’re working to change those behaviors)

She then discusses parenting:

  • How to ground ourselves on the days we feel parenting is too hard / too messy
  • Common pitfalls of parenting in the stories we tell ourselves about our children’s demeanor or behavior
  • How to recognize when we’re stuck in a cycle of pain, blame, shame, and avoidance — and how to get out of this pattern
  • Ways to navigate feeling that we’ve somehow permanently broken the connection we have with our kids — and how to recover

She closes by discussing her lovely children’s book, its key message for kids, and how we can perpetuate this important message in our life with them.

Dr. Willis is truly a gift you won’t want to miss.



Dr. Lynyetta G. Willis is a psychologist, family empowerment coach, speaker, and author. Dr. Willis helps frustrated families break free from stable misery and unhelpful habits in their parenting and partnerships, so they can create more harmony and joy with those they love. Her creativity, love of imagery, personal experiences, and 20 years of journeying with countless clients, led Dr. Willis to create her research-supported Elemental Living® Model and P.A.T.H.S. Relationship Framework. These powerful tools help parents and partners improve their communication and minimize their overreactions. Dr. Willis’ Harmony in the Home Couples Program and Triggered to Transformed™ Group Parenting Program have received rave reviews from couples and parents all around the world living in places such as South Africa, Israel, New Zealand, and Australia.
A sought after speaker, media contributor, and author, her multi-award winning book, My Forgotten Self: A Story about a Girl, a Powerful Encounter, and a Universal Message, has received high acclaim from individuals such as Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of The Conscious Parent and “Oprah’s Parenting Expert”; Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author and spiritual leader of Agape International Truth Center; and Michal Berg, President and CEO of Spirituality for Kids International, Inc. Dr. Willis lives in Georgia with her husband and their two children.
Positive Parenting Expert

Jessica Joelle Alexander

Author, Journalist, Danish Parenting Expert and Cultural Researcher

In this interview, Jessica Joelle Alexander discusses:

  • The concept of treating children with respect from the start, and ongoing throughout their childhood
  • What makes Danish homes more peaceful (what does “hygge” have to do with it — and what IS it, anyway?)
  • How we can get out of “achievement” mode and trust children to grow through play; following their own natural paths
  • Empathy and honesty, and how to nurture them from a very young age
  • Modeling positivity for children in a way that’s authentic and helpful
  • What happens when we shelter our kids too much from real life — and what to do instead

Her matter-of-fact demeanor and intelligence, coupled with her subtle yet engaging wit, make this interview a “must watch.”


Best selling Author, Journalist, Danish Parenting Expert and Cultural Researcher. Her book “The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know about Raising Confident Capable Kids” is published in over 28 countries. Her work has been featured in TIME, The Wall Street Journal, BBC World News, NY Times, Huffington Post, The Atlantic and many more. She speaks four languages and lives in Europe with her Danish husband and two children.

Janine Halloran

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

In this interview, Janine Halloran discusses:

  • Where childhood anxiety comes from
  • How to tell the difference between anxiety and a child’s natural cautious temperament
  • Why we need to manage our own anxiety around our children
  • The differences among healthy stress, unhealthy stress, and toxic stress
  • Tips we can use to help calm our kids’ nervous systems
  • Tools to help encourage neuroplasticity
  • How to discuss anxiety with kids

Watch her helpful and practical tips now.


Janine Halloran is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been working with children, teens, and their families for 20 years. She has been helping children and teens build their coping skills throughout her career in a variety of settings, including schools, mental health clinics and in her private practice. She is the author of the bestselling Coping Skills for Kids Workbook, and the host of the Calm & Connected podcast. Her work has been featured in the Boston Globe, Huffington Post, and The Skimm® Newsletter. Janine lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

Positive Parenting Expert

Susanne de Munck Mortier

International Highly Sensitive Person Expert

In this interview, Susanne de Munck Mortier discusses

  • The scientific acknowledgment of the highly sensitive child, along with the prevalence of high sensitivity
  • How we know when our child is highly sensitive
  • Common myths about sensitive children (for example, they’re not always introverts)
  • How we can reframe sensitivity as a superpower
  • Support for parents who aren’t “wired” to be as sensitive as their children are, and what they do can to ease their parenting journey
  • The role of peaceful, connection-based, authoritative parenting versus traditional authoritarian parenting and the effects on highly sensitive children (HSCs)
  • Support if we, ourselves, are highly sensitive
  • What happens when we’re not a match with our child’s sensitivity



Susanne de Munck Mortier is an International HSP Expert and Legacy leader for highly sensitive people.
She empowers overwhelmed adults in order to support our highly sensitive children in the world, by using her unique methodology where she observes from the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual perspective.
Her unique observation skills, combined with her high sensitivity, being multi passionate and multi perspective, are also very appreciated in the entrepreneurial humanity world where she provides ‘feed forward’ advice to high achievers who want to create better results in their business and projects.
These are the 3 important pillars within the International Hsp Center:
1) Empowering sensitive adults to start working on their personal legacy and therefore their unique purpose.
2) Supporting our highly sensitive child’s needs in education.
3) Spreading awareness for and about highly sensitive men.
Viewers can watch my free video about ‘How to validate your sensitive child’s emotions and feelings’ after subscribing to my newsletter at the homepage.
oppositional defiance disorder

Bea Moise


In this interview, Bea Moise discusses oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) — how parents and caregivers can recognize it and differentiate it from typical child development.

She addresses best steps to take when ODD is suspected and how to support children to overcome it.


Bea Moise, M.S., BCCS., is a Board-Certified Cognitive Specialist, Parenting Coach, and National Speaker. She is the creator of A Child Like Mine,LLC , a company created for educating parents of children with unique behavioral and learning needs while giving them the tools they need to be successful at home. She is a respected and trusted parenting coach and consultant in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas. She is frequently featured on WCNC Charlotte on Parenting Today, providing tips for parents in the Charlotte area.  She serves as a Board of Trustees Member at KidsWithPossAbilities, which provides funding for therapy, assistive technology, and educational scholarships for children with developmental delays in the Greater Charlotte Area, and The Lunch Project a community-driven lunch programs in Tanzania, giving kids the fuel to learn so they can transform their communities. She is a writer and has a blog on PsychCentral called A Child Like Mine, and Thrive in Charlotte Parent Magazine. Her writing is also featured in Autism Parenting Magazine, Carolina Parent, and a contributor author in Southeast Psych’s Guide for Imperfect Parents: A Book Written By Imperfect Therapists. She was featured in a documentary called Look to the Sky an inspiring documentary that takes a look at what is possible for the world and our own lives.

Bea and her husband have two children, Jacob, who is awesomely autistic, and Abby, who is simply marvelous!

Positive Parenting Expert

Samuel Martin


In this interview, Samuel Martin discusses the following important issues that we can better understand about Christian parenting:

  • There are many non-Christians, and for that matter, Christians, who view God as a God of punishment and wrath. Is this valid?
  • If that is not the true nature of God, then what is – and how do we know?
  • There’s a very common misconception that the Bible urges us to use corporal punishment with our children when they misbehave. Where does this idea come from?
  • Some parents justify corporal punishment by doing different “versions” of it; varying levels of force, having the non-angry parent do the spanking/swatting/”tapping,” etc. Why does this still not make it okay from a Biblical standpoint?
  • What does the Bible actually say about how we’re to guide our children? Your book series is “Thy Rod and Thy Staff; They Comfort Me” – please explain where this comes from.
  • What, then, would you consider to be true Biblical parenting?
  • How does parental intuition relate to guiding our children?
  • From what we know about Jesus from the Bible, is He the model to whom we should turn for our parenting guidance (even though He had no children, Himself)?



Samuel Martin was born in England and is the youngest child of Dr. Ernest L. and Helen R. Martin, who are both Americans and natives of the state of Oklahoma. He lived in the UK for the first seven years of his life before moving to the USA with his family. He lived in the USA until 2001 when he married a native Israeli Christian and relocated to live in Jerusalem, where he currently resides. He and his wife, Sonia, have two daughters. His experience with biblical scholarship began at an early age. His father lead a program in conjunction with Hebrew University and the late Professor Benjamin Mazar, where over a five year period, some 450 college students came to work on an archaeological excavation in Jerusalem starting in 1969. Since that first trip, Samuel has visited Israel on 14 different occasions living more than 19 years of his life in the country. He has toured all areas of Israel as well as worked in several archaeological excavations. He writes regularly on biblical subjects with a particular interest in children, families, nature, science, the Bible, and gender in the Biblical context. He holds an MA from the University of the Holy Land in Inter-Cultural Studies and the Bible.

Positive Parenting Expert

Rachel Rainbolt

Family Coach, Writer, and Podcaster

In this interview, Rachel Rainbolt discusses

  • How she embraced her children’s journey to natural learning
  • How education “works” outside a brick-and-mortar school
  • The shift to become partners in, rather than directors of, our children’s education
  • Validation that natural learning “works” — along with how to manage the naysayers (even if the naysayers are our own internal voices)
  • What kids “should” be learning; and how we can reframe that line of thinking
  • What natural learning looks like on a day-to-day basis
  • Whether we, as parents, need to be generalists, specialists, or something else — where we find the best resources for our children’s education
  • Her brilliant bucket system and how it works


Rachel Rainbolt is the Sage Family coach, writer, podcaster, and advocate for gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living, with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and decades of experience guiding families to peace and joy at rachelrainbolt.com. She works from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives wild and free in connection with her 3 wildlings and the papa bear in their fixer-upper on the beach.

Positive Parenting Expert

Phyllis L. Fagell

School counselor, Therapist, Author, and Journalist

In this interview, Phyllis Fagell discusses:

  • How middle school differs from when we, as parents, were growing up
  • Brain science: what’s going on in a middle schooler’s brain?
  • The secret handshake to keep the lines of communication open
  • Why it’s developmentally healthy and normal for middle school-aged children to pull away
  • How we can help our kids make good decisions when they’re with their peers
  • How to address tricky topics like sex and sexuality
  • Why and how we should manage social media exposure
  • Self-esteem and resilience
  • How boys and girls naturally differ at this age
  • Where a middle schooler’s motivation comes from and what we can do to nurture it


Phyllis L. Fagell, LCPC is the school counselor at Sheridan School in Washington, DC, a therapist who works with kids and families in private practice, and an author and journalist. She’s the author of “Middle School Matters” and a frequent contributor to the Washington Post. She also writes for Psychology TodayWorking MotherU.S. News & World Report and Your Teen, and her ideas have been shared in outlets including The New York TimesThe AtlanticThe New Yorker, Edutopia, Mindshift and NPR. Phyllis also is a columnist for AMLE and PDK, Intl. She lives in Bethesda, MD with her husband and three children.

Positive Parenting Expert

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Author, Parenting Expert, and Registered Psychologist

In this video interview, Dr. Vanessa Lapointe discusses:

  • What developmentally normal and secure attachment looks like
  • Separation anxiety and its place in our children’s natural development
  • The roles of temperament and innate sensitivity
  • Whether a child can be “too attached”
  • How to avoid codependence and enmeshment
  • Tips to help our kids cope when we do need to spend time apart

Her warmth, wisdom, and humour come through clearly as she helps us understand how to best support our children.


Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is an author, parenting expert, and registered psychologist (British Columbia #1856) who has been supporting families and children for more than fifteen years. Author of Discipline without Damage: How to get your kids to behave without messing them up and Parenting Right From The Start: Laying a Healthy Foundation in the Baby and Toddler years, regularly invited media guest and contributor, educator and speaker, a Huffington Post Parent blogger, and a consultant to research projects and various organizations promoting emotional health and development, Dr. Vanessa is known for bringing a sense of nurturing understanding and humanity to all of her work. She presently works in private practice and has previous experience in a variety of settings, including the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development and the school system. Dr. Vanessa’s passion is in walking alongside parents, teachers, care providers, and other big people to really see the world through the child’s eyes. She believes that if we can do this, we are beautifully positioned to grow up our children in the best possible way. As a mother to 2 growing children, Dr. Vanessa strives not only professionally, but also personally, to view the world through the child’s eyes.

Positive Parenting Expert

Debbie Reber

New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of TiLT Parenting

In this interview, Debbie Reber discusses:

  • How we know when our child is “differently wired”
  • How our understanding of differences has evolved
  • The vast array of what it means to be neurologically atypical
  • Support for the parent who’s feeling overwhelmed
  • How parents can move from a place of fear to trust
  • What self-care looks like for the parent of a child who’s differently wired
  • How to keep the relationship between parents strong
  • How to make home a “safe space” for a child; speaking a child’s “language”
  • How to talk to kids about their differences

This is another “must see” interview for any caregiver who’s raising a child who’s differently wired.


Debbie Reber is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, and the founder of TiLT Parenting, a website, top podcast, and resource for parents who are raising differently wired children. Her newest book, Differently Wired: A Parent’s Guide to Raising an Atypical Child with Confidence and Hope, came out in June 2018. After living abroad in the Netherlands for five years, Debbie, her husband, and 16-year-old son recently moved back to New York City.

Positive Parenting Expert

Karen M. Ricks

Christian wife, worldschooling mom, and a nomadic chef

In this interview, Karen Ricks discusses:

  • Her family’s worldschooling story
  • The impact of race and racism
  • Misconceptions about what education should look like
  • How to make alternative types of education feasible
  • How to turn fear into trust
  • Change and personal growth; managing transitions

Karen’s energy and goodness shine through in this interview. It’s another “must watch” for inspiration and encouragement.


Karen M. Ricks is a Christian wife, worldschooling mom, and a nomadic chef. Teaching for 24 years, she has been a Montessorian since her own preschool days. She holds Montessori teaching certifications for guiding children from infancy through elementary. She has cooked professionally, in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and private homes on four different continents over the last decade.

After 10 years of teaching in central Japan, where Karen founded and operated her own international Montessori school, she sold it all to begin a nomadic life of full-time travel with her family. Karen spreads her message of embracing a Slow Food Lifestyle, a lifelong love of learning, and education for peace by teaching people of all ages how to cook for themselves and why they need to share that gift with those they love. You can learn more about her, her family’s edible exploits, and the lessons they are learning on their Culinary Worldschooling Adventures as they gallivant around the globe over at OurKitchenClassroom.com.

Bethany Saltman

Author, Award-winning Editor, and Researcher

In this interview, author and researcher Bethany Saltman discusses

  • Where secure attachment comes from
  • The role of vulnerability and introspection in parenting
  • Her view on whether “attachment parenting” has anything to do with secure attachment
  • How our family or origin plays into our belief systems
  • The processing and healing of intergenerational patterns
  • The importance of leaning into, rather than backing away from, our discomfort around parenting

She also discusses what it means to delight in our children, and them in us — and what a critical shift this can be for our mutual well-being.


Bethany Saltman is an author, award-winning editor, and researcher. Her work has been seen in magazines such as The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Parents, and many others. Her first book – Strange Situation: A Mother’s Journey Into the Science of Attachment – was published in April 2020 by Random House. Bethany also works as a best-selling book coach, a communications director, and an in-demand mindfulness mentor, consulting writers and entrepreneurs at all stages of their creative process. She helps her clients envision and execute projects, from book proposals to content development and messaging to Big Ideas, and more. In 1992, Bethany graduated from Antioch College, where she was one of the architects of the nation’s first Affirmative Consent Policy. She went on to receive her M.F.A in poetry from Brooklyn College in 1994, where she studied with Allen Ginsberg. In 2020, Antioch awarded Bethany the Rebecca Rice Award for Achievement in Profession. A longtime student of Zen, Bethany is devoted to the fine art and game-changing effects of paying attention. She lives in a small town in the Catskills with her family.

Laura Markham

Dr. Laura Markham

Founder of Aha! Parenting, Clinical Psychologist, and Best Selling Author

In this interview, Dr. Laura Markham, best selling author and founder of Aha! Parenting, discusses siblings with Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting. She addresses all stages of the sibling relationship, including how to

  • Foster a strong sibling bond with the new baby before baby even arrives
  • Introduce the older sibling to the new arrival in a way that fosters connection rather than competition
  • Support our children’s big feelings as they work through living together
  • Avoid the “label trap” as our children’s personalities emerge
  • Minimize sibling rivalry
  • Stay peaceful even when we’re struggling to do so
  • Encourage our children to have a peaceful and lifelong relationship with each other, as well

Dr. Markham’s tips encourage and inspire us to be our best selves as parents, thereby creating a peaceful existence for our children.


Dr. Laura Markham is the author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting, Peaceful ParentHappy Siblings: How To Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life, and now her latest book, The Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook: Using mindfulness and connection to raise resilient, joyful children and rediscover your love of parenting.

Dr. Laura Markham earned her PhD in clinical psychology at Columbia University and has worked as a parenting coach with countless families across the world. Over 150,000 moms and dads enjoy Dr. Laura’s free weekly coaching posts via email. You can sign up on any page of her website, AhaParenting.com, which serves up Aha! Moments for parents of babies through teens. Dr. Laura’s aspiration is to change the world, one child at a time, by supporting parents. The proud mother of two thriving young adults who were raised with her peaceful parenting approach, she lives with her husband in New York.

Dr. Jamie Chaves & Dr. Ashley Taylor

The Why Behind Classroom Behaviors

Whether you’re a teacher in a traditional classroom or a parent leading your child’s education at home, you won’t want to miss this interview. Dr. Chaves & Dr. Taylor give practical tips about

  • Regulation and connection to enhance learning
  • How neurobiology affects the teacher-student dyad
  • Sensory differences and sensory preferences and their effects on both teachers and students
  • Multi-sensory integration and its benefits for learning
  • The effects of traditional behavior modification systems in the classroom — and what we should be doing instead


Jamie Chaves

OTD, OTR/L, SWC, pediatric occupational therapist

Jamie Chaves, OTD, OTR/L, SWC, is  pediatric occupational therapist with over 8 years of experience working with children who have sensory processing differences and learning differences. She receive…

Jamie Chaves, OTD, OTR/L, SWC, is  pediatric occupational therapist with over 8 years of experience working with children who have sensory processing differences and learning differences. She received bachelor’s degrees in health science and psychology from Bradley University, and a doctorate of occupational therapy from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Chaves is the division leader for the occupational therapy department at The Center for Connection in Pasadena, CA—a multidisciplinary clinic that provides an array of services rooted in the IPNB framework. She recognizes the importance of a play-based, relationship-based approach to therapy that is rooted in regulation.

She does contract work with various private schools in Pasadena, CA, particularly delivering teacher in-services and parent education on a variety of topics including promoting positive handwriting, sensory integration strategies in the classroom, how diet and sleep influence learning and regulation, and the impact of screen time on development and learning. Dr. Chaves lives in Pasadena, CA, with her husband and two young children.

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Ashley Taylor

Licensed clinical pediatric psychologist

Ashley Taylor is a licensed clinical pediatric psychologist with a practice in Pasadena, CA. She is endorsed in California as an infantfamily and early childhood mental health specialist. Dr. Taylor r…

Ashley Taylor is a licensed clinical pediatric psychologist with a practice in Pasadena, CA. She is endorsed in California as an infantfamily and early childhood mental health specialist. Dr. Taylor received bachelor’s degrees in psychology and Spanish from the University of Vermont in Burlington, VT, and attended the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA, for her graduate training. She has worked in Vermont, Massachusetts, and California supporting children, families, and educators for over fifteen years. She specializes in providing, comprehensive pediatric evaluations assessing for developmental delays, autism, trauma, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

She also provides parent–child dyadic mental health therapy as well as educator and parent trainings and workshops. She has provided evaluations and mental health services for the pediatric population across multiple settings, including intensive day-treatment programs, medical settings, schools, community mental health, and private practice. She believes in the power of building healthy relationships to build healthy brains! Dr. Taylor is also the mom to two fun and active boys who are always ready for the next big adventure!

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Sarah R. Moore

Sarah R. Moore

Sarah R. Moore is an internationally published writer and the founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting. You can follow her on FacebookPinterest, and Instagram. She’s currently worldschooling her family. Her glass is half full.

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