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“Sarah’s courses are spot on. They’re insightful, specific, and practical. Her knowledge of positive parenting and brain science come through clearly, and her down-to-earth approach is refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker and easy to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and her website.” ~ Elizabeth Pantley, Bestselling author of the No-Cry Solution parenting book series

Other courses Sarah recommends: Jai Institute for Parenting, Peaceful Parenting Happy Kids Online Course, Discipline without Damage Online Course, Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring course


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When someone we love isn’t treating our child in a way that feels right to us, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. On one hand, we always want to support our child. On the other, we don’t want to burn the bridge with the other adult. Here are some effective ways to help heal unhealthy patterns and create a better path forward.

Note that this course was designed to address other adults who don’t share a home with us, but many aspects of this approach would work with co-parents and partners who share our home, as well.

Subtitles coming soon. 15-minute course.

If you catch your young child stealing (or realize after the fact that they’ve stolen something that didn’t belong to them), it can feel like something’s terribly wrong. That’s not always the case, however. Here are two reasons younger children steal and some gentle yet effective ways to address both of them.

9.5-minute mini-course. Subtitles coming soon.

If your child is being bullied at school, everyone suffers. Here are five ways you can empower your child to break free of the damage the bully is attempting to do — and create more resiliency in the process.

9.5-minute course with subtitles.

Child sticking out their tongue at you? Wrinkling their nose? Rolling their eyes? Here’s what’s REALLY going on for them, and what we can do to support them best (without losing our temper in the process).

3.5-minute mini-lesson.

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We have more courses on the way, and we want to know what would help you most. Tell us here!

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