Childhood Friends: 3 Important Lessons We Can Learn about How to Be Good Humans

childhood friends

Childhood friends are so much more than meet the eye. Our children’s first relationships outside the home are noteworthy insofar as they’re our kids’ first conditional relationships. Different from their relationships with family — in which they’ve little choice about with whom they associate — childhood friends give kids the opportunity to decide for themselves […]

Holding Space: 3 Ways to Help Your Child Process Big Feelings

holding space

Holding space for our children’s big feelings is no easy task — and there’s good reason for that. According to research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, we’re “wired” to pick up each other’s feelings. That’s right — emotions are actually proving to be contagious.  Ever wondered why you start to tear up when someone […]

How to discuss bad news with children: 5 peaceful ways to make it easier

Yesterday, there was a mass shooting very close to where I live. How’s that for the beginning of a blog post? This is not the kind of thing that should ever happen under any circumstances, but when it does, our lives can be deeply affected. As such, we need to be able to talk to […]

Sibling Love: 4 Fun Activities for Siblings To Try Together

sibling love

Fostering healthy sibling love and a strong relationship among your children is an important part of their development. Allowing them to develop a camaraderie and appreciation for each other can help them forge familial bonds that last into their adulthood. Kids who had a lot of conflict and parental favoritism growing up are more prone […]

Is a Calm Down Corner Better than a Time Out?

calm down corner

We’ve been hearing a lot about the “calm down corner” as a more peaceful alternative to the “time out” or “naughty step,” but are we really just dressing up the same punishment to make it sound better? In short, it’s all about intent — and more importantly, the child’s perception of that intent. Possible benefits […]

Emotional Regulation Skills: How to Create Calm from Chaos

Emotional regulation skills are of growing importance in a world where depression and self-esteem are at an all-time low for children.  At the same time, we know that resilience and empathy — along with emotional regulation skills — are protective factors that help guard against these challenges. These skills are teachable, according to expert Michele […]

Natural Learning: How to Trust Your Child’s Path

natural learning

In Part 1 of this interview excerpt, Rachel Rainbolt discusses natural learning. She addresses common fallacies and how we can embrace it as a valid form of education. Sarah with Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting Hello. I am Sarah with Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting and I am so excited today to talk to a kindred spirit, […]

We Need Each Other

we need each other

Several months ago, we moved across the country. Among our myriad reasons for moving, we wanted to be closer to my cousin; my child’s legal guardian should the unthinkable happen to my husband and me. It’s important for my child to know this family well. We need each other; this familial connection.   My daughter […]

Differently Wired: How to Support the Child in Front of You

differently wired

Below is a partial transcript from Part 1 of my interview with Debbie Reber, author of Differently Wired (afflinks).  Watch the full interview here: Sarah of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting: Welcome and Intro Hello. I am Sarah with Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting and today I am so excited to talk to Debbie Reber, author of […]

Raising an Atypical Child: 1 Mother’s Journey

atypical child

This is a guest post from Emma Salt about raising an atypical child. * Perhaps you’ve always known you have an atypical child, or perhaps it’s all new territory for you. Either way, when a doctor looks you in the eye and confirms a diagnosis related to your child’s physical, cognitive, or emotional development, it […]