Acrylic Multi Function Serving Piece This durable acrylic serving piece can serve many functions with its chic and smart design. Its versatility allows for a single piece to be used as a cake display with domed cover, a salad bowl with attached sectioned dish, a chip n dip platter, a punch bowl and so much more! User your creativity with this chic piece, which will make a statement when used as a center piece or on a buffet table at your party. Constructed of high strength durable acrylic and is dishwasher safe.

Cake Stand

Make an impressive statement with this 12″ cake stand suitable for large and small cakes. The included domed lid keeps cake fresh, and adds an attractive flair to the dish.

Chip ‘N Dip Platter

This chip ‘n dip platter features a 4 sectioned dish which can be filled with crackers, chips, cut up veggies and more. The center bowl is a perfect size for any dipping condiments.

Punch Bow

To transform info a punch bowl, simply invert the domed lid and insert into the center dip bowl to create a large punch bowl. The attached 4 section dish can be used for cut up fruit and garnishes.

Salad Bowl

Just like the punch bowl, the salad bowl is used by inserting the domed lid into the center dip bowl. The bowl is used for lettuce , and the sectioned dish is a great way to offer cut up veggies by type, in a fun ‘create your own salad’ platter!


Cake Dome Inside – 10.4″ Diameter x 4.3″ Height
Cake Display Base – 12″ Diameter
Dip Bowl – 4.3″ Diameter x 1.7″ Height
Punch Bowl – 10.4″ Diameter x 4.3″ Depth
Acrylic Plastic Cake Stand with domed cover can serve multiple purposes! Measures approximately 12 inches in diameter. Dishwasher Safe.
CAKE STAND: Pedestal cake Platter with Lid cover can be used for serving and keeping cake fresh
SALAD BOWlL: Cake dome can be flipped over and attached to sectional dish for a serving bowl with attached 4 section tray base. Great for salads and crackers, or a mini create your own salad bar,
PUNCH BOWL: Cake dome can also function as a punch bowl or cocktail holder,with attached sectional dish used a variety of fruit garnishes or treats.
CHIP AND DIP SERVER: Tray can also be inverted for a sectional chip n dip serving tray
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