**Comfortable & Easy To Use**

Our specially designed conical tip creates a perfect seal on your nostril. ComfyPot’s take care of-free, easy-grip design enables you to use your ComfyPot easily and comfortably time after time.

**2 Removable Silicone Nozzles**

You can easily slip the removable silicone nozzles on and off the ceramic neti pot. They’re designed to form a comfortable and protected seal against your nostril. The 2 silicone nozzles also enable you to share your ComfyPot or just have a spare nozzle.

**Read The Instructions**

Your ComfyPot comes with instructions on the box. Please do not throw the instructions away. Simply cut the top off the box and keep the card. It has instructions on how to use your ComfyPot and what to fill it with.

**Ancient & Gentle Sinus Health**

Neti pots have been used for thousands of years to flush out toxins and keep sinuses healthy and clear. ComfyPot continues a fine tradition and simply brings you an optimized neti pot experience

**Satisfaction Guarantee**

All ViLu Essentials products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your ComfyPot, just send it back and you are going to be refunded no questions asked.

**Easy Cleaning**

Your ComfyPot has been specially designed with cleaning in mind. There are no hard to clean take care of areas and both the ComfyPot and the silicone nozzles are dishwasher protected.

✅ Fits Your Nostril Comfortably | ComfyPot’s unique silicone nozzle will fit your nostril and create a comfortable seal for easy pouring.
✅ Excellent Even Glide | Flushing your sinuses will have to be a comfortable, enjoyable experience. ComfyPot has been designed to come up with that experience.
✅ Lasts a lifetime | Unlike plastic, our ceramic neti pot will keep your sinuses clear year after year.
✅ Anti-Spill Opening | Wide enough to access the inside for easy cleaning but shaped just right to steer clear of unnecessary spillage when you’re pouring.
✅ Easy To Clean | Dishwasher friendly ceramic neti pot and silicone nozzles.
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