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Interview with Karen Ricks

Turning Fear into Trust: Worldschooling, Race, Personal Growth, and How We Thrive Best
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More aboutThe interview

In this interview, Karen Ricks discusses:

  • Her family's worldschooling story
  • The impact of race and racism
  • Misconceptions about what education should look like
  • How to make alternative types of education feasible
  • How to turn fear into trust
  • Change and personal growth; managing transitions

Karen's energy and goodness shine through in this interview. It's another "must watch" for inspiration and encouragement.

More aboutKaren M. Ricks

Karen M. Ricks is a Christian wife, worldschooling mom, and a nomadic chef. Teaching for 24 years, she has been a Montessorian since her own preschool days. She holds Montessori teaching certifications for guiding children from infancy through elementary. She has cooked professionally, in restaurants, commercial kitchens, and private homes on four different continents over the last decade.

After 10 years of teaching in central Japan, where Karen founded and operated her own international Montessori school, she sold it all to begin a nomadic life of full-time travel with her family. Karen spreads her message of embracing a Slow Food Lifestyle, a lifelong love of learning, and education for peace by teaching people of all ages how to cook for themselves and why they need to share that gift with those they love. You can learn more about her, her family’s edible exploits, and the lessons they are learning on their Culinary Worldschooling Adventures as they gallivant around the globe over at OurKitchenClassroom.com.

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