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What would make your life EASIER as a parent or caregiver?

What would lighten your load today?​

I’m here for you! As a mama, I realize that not one size fits all -- we need different support at different times. Sometimes we only have time to read a blog post (or half of one before we get interrupted); other times, we want more in-depth support and encouragement. Either way, I’ve got you covered.

Positive Parenting Mini-Courses​

Designed with you in mind, I’ve made some quick and informal courses to guide your positive parenting journey. They’re all 20 minutes or shorter -- because I get it -- we’re busy raising kids! We don’t always have time for deep dives or all the “bells and whistles.”

Take what you need. Ignore the rest (until you need them). Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let me know, and I’ll make a course for you (or direct you to another good resource). You'll see that I’m a very real person -- flaws and all. I want you to think of me as a friend who’s sitting down with you for a parenting chat. We’re relaxed like that here -- no business suits or fancy locations -- just REAL parent-to-parent talk.   

What People are Saying: 

"Sarah's courses are spot on. They're insightful, specific, and practical. Her knowledge of positive parenting and brain science come through clearly, and her down-to-earth approach is refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker and easy to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and her website."- Elizabeth Pantley, Bestselling author of the No-Cry Solution parenting book series

"Sarah is genuine and warm in her teaching style and she has such a beautiful way of explaining critically important and highly valuable parenting topics. She has a wonderfully natural approach in her presentation of topics - one that immediately puts parents at ease. The practical examples that Sarah uses are so beneficial and make the concepts easy to apply." - Naomi Holdt, experienced teacher, educational psychologist, public speaker

"Sarah has the gift to truly help any parent into empowered parenting.  Her welcoming manner and steadfast approach make her outstanding in her work and a wonderful guide for parents.  Not only is she scholarly, Sarah walks the talk.  I have learned countless practical positive parenting tools from Sarah, and more profoundly, she has helped me to transform my approach with children on a fundamental level, from the inside out, that has so positively impacted my work and my life.  I can relate to the children in my life on a much more human level, one that fosters deep connection, understanding, and teamwork, rather than fear, control, resistance, and performance.  I am so appreciative of the impact Sarah continues to have on my life.  From her delightful optimism to her intelligent wit, she is lighting the way for generations to come." - Christina C., student and certified conscious parenting coach

"Sarah is an exceptional mentor and coach. She is incredibly responsive and resourceful. She has answered my many questions quickly and even provided extra sources of information like books and articles to offer further education and support. My experience with Sarah is that she is very attuned and compassionate around sensitive issues. Her energy and approach has allowed me and her other students to feel safe sharing vulnerably. It is clear she deeply trusts herself, her clients and the process, which leads to the potential for profound insight and healing in her sessions. Sarah is not afraid of hard questions or going deep. She is open-minded, open to being curious and dedicated to ongoing learning and growth. It has been easy to trust I will get the most updated information and well-informed guidance from Sarah since she is consistently engaging in interviews and classes with experts and staying up on the latest research. Learning from Sarah has been life-changing and transformative for me and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her." - Janelle M., mom, student, and certified conscious parenting coach

"Dandelion Seeds’ class on Holding Space for Kids’ Big Feelings gave me a tool I was able to use the next day for both my littles (and it helped!:) as well as insight into some internal work I can do to benefit myself and kiddos in those big feelings situations. Thanks DS!:)" - Jessica, Mom

"I just watched Getting Kids Attention When They’re Just Not Listening. Really insightful..." - Sam C., Mom

Group Coaching: Multi-Week Program

Occasionally, I offer a multi-week coaching program where you get LIVE weekly support in a group setting (recordings are available for those who can't make the meetings at the scheduled time). During our weekly sessions together, we discuss brain science, attachment theory, playful parenting, nervous system science, the "why" behind many behaviors, how to stay peaceful when you're triggered, intergenerational trauma, and other topics pertinent to conscious parenting.

I'll update this page when my next session opens up, or you can email me at sarah@dandelion-seeds.com to inquire about my waitlist. 

Note that by contacting me, you understand and agree that I am a positive parenting educator and not a licensed therapist. I therefore release all liability and will not be held accountable for individual outcomes. I will do my best to support you and will maintain confidentiality so long as no one's safety is at risk.

Books and Other Resources We Love​

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Supportive Online Community​

Looking for informal daily support? Nearly every day, you can find something new on my social media. Will you join me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest? You’re welcome here along with lots of other like-minded parents who want to do right by their kids--while taking care of themselves, too.

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No matter what kind of support you’re seeking, you’re welcome here.

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