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Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2021

If you're looking for the best Christmas gifts for kids 2021, here's your list! I've keep it simple and practical, and organized the ideas by type. Note...
Sarah R. Moore • November 26, 2021

Birds and the Bees: How to Make This Awkward Conversation Easier for Everyone

"The birds and the bees" is the mother of all euphemisms. It's how people used to refer to the so-called sex talk that parents have dreaded since...actually,...
Sarah R. Moore • November 16, 2021

After-School Restraint Collapse: 6 Ways to Help Your Child Manage BIG Feelings

After-school restraint collapse is a fancy way to say after-school meltdowns. And I want you to know this: they're normal. In fact, they're downright common and can...
Sarah R. Moore • November 4, 2021

Interview with the Founder of The Invisible Woman Foundation

I recently spoke with the founder of The Invisible Woman Foundation, Anjali Pamurthy. Here's a summary of the incredibly important work she's doing for Black women, who...
Sarah R. Moore • October 29, 2021

We Can Do Hard Things

I did a hard thing today.   While my family was on a long nature hike, I spotted one of those free-standing climbing ropes meant for athletes...
Sarah R. Moore • October 25, 2021

Want More Positive Outcomes in Life? Give Yourself (and Your Kids) a Coherent Narrative

 A coherent narrative is how we make sense of the stories we've created for ourselves about the events that have transpired in our lives. If we can...
Sarah R. Moore • August 6, 2021
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