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From playful parenting to managing mom guilt and supporting our kids’ big feelings, we have more than 20 short but information-filled courses to help bring more JOY into your parenting journey.

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Sarah's courses are spot on. They're insightful, specific, and practical. Her knowledge of positive parenting and brain science come through clearly, and her down-to-earth approach is refreshing. She’s an engaging speaker and easy to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and her website.
Dandelion Seeds’ class gave me a tool I was able to use the next day for both my littles (and it helped!:) as well as insight into some internal work I can do to benefit myself and kiddos in those big feelings situations. Thanks DS!:)
Sarah is genuine and warm in her teaching style and she has such a beautiful way of explaining critically important and highly valuable parenting topics. She has a wonderfully natural approach in her presentation of topics - one that immediately puts parents at ease. The practical examples that Sarah uses are so beneficial and make the concepts easy to apply.
Really insightful!
Sam C.

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Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m the founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting. Most of the expert content on this site is free, but you can also subscribe to premium content and gain access to additional resources. I offer courses, parent coaching, and more. Let me know how I can support you best!

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Janine Halloran
Practical tips for understanding and supporting children with anxiety
Positive Parenting Expert
Phyllis Fagell
Practical, actionable tools to help caregivers of middle schoolers support their social and emotional growth in healthy ways
Positive Parenting Expert
Debbie Reber
Practical and emotional support for caregivers of differently wired children
Bethany Saltman
Bethany Saltman discusses where secure attachment comes from and how we create a sense of delight in the parent-child relationship.
Positive Parenting Expert
Dr. Vanessa Lapointe
How to create secure attachment, address separation anxiety, foster healthy relationships, and nurture true independence in our children
Dr. Jamie Chaves & Dr. Ashley Taylor
Understanding the roles of regulation and connection in the classroom (or in the at-home learning environment) between students and their teachers.
Laura Markham
Dr. Laura Markham
Insightful and actionable tips we can use to set the stage for lifelong connection among our children. She covers the span of the relationship, from announcing the pregnancy through adolescence.
Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.
Exclusive talk about attachment theory and what science says we can do to support our kids BEST during their first year and beyond.
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