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Interview with Highly Sensitive Child Susanne de Munck Mortier

Susanne discusses discipline, education, and support for the highly sensitive child.
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More aboutThe interview

In this interview, Susanne de Munck Mortier discusses

  • The scientific acknowledgment of the highly sensitive child, along with the prevalence of high sensitivity
  • How we know when our child is highly sensitive
  • Common myths about sensitive children (for example, they're not always introverts)
  • How we can reframe sensitivity as a superpower
  • Support for parents who aren't "wired" to be as sensitive as their children are, and what they do can to ease their parenting journey
  • The role of peaceful, connection-based, authoritative parenting versus traditional authoritarian parenting and the effects on highly sensitive children (HSCs)
  • Support if we, ourselves, are highly sensitive
  • What happens when we're not a match with our child's sensitivity


More aboutSusanne de Munck Mortier
Susanne de Munck Mortier is an International HSP Expert and Legacy leader for highly sensitive people.
She empowers overwhelmed adults in order to support our highly sensitive children in the world, by using her unique methodology where she observes from the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual perspective.
Her unique observation skills, combined with her high sensitivity, being multi passionate and multi perspective, are also very appreciated in the entrepreneurial humanity world where she provides 'feed forward' advice to high achievers who want to create better results in their business and projects.
These are the 3 important pillars within the International Hsp Center:
1) Empowering sensitive adults to start working on their personal legacy and therefore their unique purpose.
2) Supporting our highly sensitive child's needs in education.
3) Spreading awareness for and about highly sensitive men.
Viewers can watch my free video about 'How to validate your sensitive child's emotions and feelings' after subscribing to my newsletter at the homepage.
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I am not a physician, psychologist, or counselor, nor am I licensed to offer therapy or medical advice of any kind. I am a certified conscious parenting coach and my courses, blog posts, and all other guidance are based on my training and experience. If you are having an emergency or are in crisis please call 911, or the National Suicide Prevention Line (800-273-8255), or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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