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Gentle Parenting: 5 Important Ways to Know if You're Using the Real Deal

Gentle parenting is quite the buzzword these days. While it's great that there's so much more awareness of gentle parenting than there used to be, there's a risk: not everything that goes by that name actually brings any greater sense of peace to the home. There's a lot of false advertising out there. How can […]
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Big Feelings: 3 Helpful Ways to Support Your Child

Expressing big feelings is a common side effect of learning how to thrive in this world. For little kids, however, expressing big feelings can feel loud and scary and messy. Truth be told, those same big feelings can feel equally overwhelming for the children's care givers. It's often surprising just how affected we adults can […]

Finding Forgiveness for Yourself & Others

In this 16-minute course about finding forgiveness, I cover how to find greater peace within yourself, as well as for others.

Parents Fighting? Managing Stress without Damaging the Kids

Parents fighting too much? Too much ongoing stress, even if it's a "low level" current running through the home? In this 15-minute mini-course, I cover how to handle conflict in the home when kids are present and when both parents are committed to supporting their children's mental health. If possible, please do consider therapy or other mental health support for yourself and/or your child if stress is toxic or ongoing....

Can You Spoil a Baby By Picking Them Up Too Much?

In this 5-minute video, I discuss whether picking up a crying baby makes them more or less dependent -- and what else happens developmentally according to brain science.
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Natural and Logical Consequences: How to use Both Effectively in Positive Parenting

Please allow me to be blunt: sometimes children drive their parents batty. Of course, sometimes parents drive their children "'round the bend," too -- so all is fair in love and parenting. What should parents do, though, when their kids' batty-making behavior requires a response of some sort, and they want to address their children […]
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Are You a Good Mom? Is Wondering if You Are, Enough? 3 Easy Ways to Know.

Some people say that if you're worried about whether you're a good mom, it's a sure sign that you already are one. However, I've always wondered about the accuracy of that statement. Would someone who's a rotten person qualify as a good mom if the thought enters her head every once in awhile? What about […]

Should We Talk to Kids about "Good" and "Bad" Choices?

Should we talk to kids about making “good” and “bad” choices? What happens when we do that, and what else can be effective for teaching them about the results of their actions? What about very little kids? In this 9.5-minute video, I explain.

How to Talk to Kids about Death

In this 16-minute video, I discuss how and when to talk to kids about death.
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Spanking: 3 Reasons No One Turns Out "Fine" -- and How to Break the Cycle

Many people think of spanking, also known as corporal punishment, as being an "old fashioned" way for parents to discipline their children. Perhaps surprisingly, however, it's still much more common than many realize. Despite guidance against corporal punishment from the American Academy of Pediatrics, half of parents in the United States have used spanking to […]

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